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PS3 and Xbox 360 Interfaces Comparison

From : "With videos of the PS3 user interface starting to percolate through the internet, we now have a better idea just how the PS3 is going to look and feel on the screen, and I think it's a perfect time to evaluate the PS3 and look at what goes into a good interface..." (PS3, Xbox 360)

Trip  +   3404d ago
Is this for real. This guy must not be to bright. My 6 year old son knows how to use our 360 very well.
ace3081  +   3404d ago
Bias at best!
This article is bias, you can so tell the writer like the PS3 better than the 360. While I am planning to get a PS3 I like to read fair opinions. I do think that the 360 interface could use a little work (as it is a bit messy), but it is still a good interface overall. From the video the PS3 interface look good as well but sometimes over simplifying can be bad too. The thing I would like to point out that just rock is full keyboard and mouse as this will be of great use to those power user. Overall it will come down to actually using the interface to see if is good or not.
zypher  +   3404d ago
it's funny
when i saw the 2 cool votes and the 3 lame votes i just knew this article must've been good news for Sony. lo and behold it was. it's sad: PS3 gets so much flack around these parts, and in some cases (such as this one) its very undeserved. 360's interface is good, i'm not arguing against that: it's not great, but decent enough. anyone with a few minutes should be able to figure it out. but if PS3's interface is anything like PSP's, then it'll be better, plain and simple.
Gh0stDrag0n  +   3404d ago
So...........they use pictures for a UI. Is that because they think everyone is too stupid to read? Or is the average Sony fanboy really that dumb?
Bishop  +   3397d ago
That most sony fanboys are from Japan then they are much smarter then you are. There educational system is not broken like our educational system.
ace3081  +   3404d ago
That was a cheap shot!
Most people tend to be visual.
Gh0stDrag0n  +   3404d ago
Most people are also stupid.
zypher  +   3404d ago
MOST people on this site prefer the 360 also. as a matter of fact, MOST people think Sony are arrogant, MOST people think the PS3 will be too expensive, MOST people can't wait for Gears of War or Halo 3, so now what?
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D R Fz  +   3403d ago
5.2? what are you talking about?
I don't understand where your conception of "most people" comes from. Have you taken a poll or can you elaborate on where your sources came from?
FeralPhoenix  +   3404d ago
I hope he was Joking.....
If you read the comments made under this so called "review" I think they put everything into perspective.
Optimus Prime  +   3404d ago
i didnt mind the psp's interface. i thought it was perfect for a handheld. it is small, hold quite a bit. but now for the ps3, i am not to sure. but we will see in november.
there is nothing wrong with the 360 interface. if you cant work that, then you are a complete moron.
Jak4ever  +   3404d ago
Who is this guy showing the Ps3 Off!!!! Damnit!! I want one Nowwww!!!!
ThunderSpark  +   3403d ago
dont we all?
hell yea... sony, we want the ps3 now.
ThunderSpark  +   3403d ago
dont we all?
hell yea... sony, we want the ps3 now.
ACE  +   3403d ago
lol at the lie
why dont these sony droids stop posting stupid news articles with video that is very old lol...

the ps3's dosnt look better then the 360 strange thing is the 360's is well layd out soo i really dont know what that fool is going on about ,,,

a bias article posted by a sony droid how conveneant hmmmm ......

sony droids r morrons
Shadow Flare  +   3403d ago
sony droid? Sony Droid? Where are you writing this from, a star trek convention? Why don't you try posting your own news articles instead of b1tching about others you geek. A droid...think up some new words

And for my 2 cents, the ps3 menu isn't supposed to show off the fantastic graphics of the ps3 you moron. And when the music was playing in the menu, the background looked awesome. PS3 interface looks great, and its so simple
ACE  +   3403d ago
sony fans=noobs
sony fan boys / droids are like gold fish ,,, they only have a six second memmory so they keep forgetting how offten sony fuk them up the arse....

as for post my own lol i've been busy playing my 360 so no thanks , i only come on this site cos its funny reading the sony DROIDS comments ,, fukin morrons
Shadow Flare  +   3403d ago know, i dont care what reason you give to justify saying that. But its the most freakin geekish cuss ive heard

and thanks for the concern but sony has never screwed me over. Theyve given me a great gaming experience in the past unlike when i played on the xbox. If they really was screwing up all the time and it affects me, then i wouldn't be a playstion gamer

go figure geek
ace3081  +   3403d ago
Posting BS
Why do 360 fanboys come over to the PS3 news site and post BS comments about how the the PS3 is junk and the 360 is better. Do you guys not have your own news site to read. Or are you so scared that the PS3 is going to be great that you have to dis it every chance you get.

Seems to me like 360 fanboys have no life!
The Snake  +   3403d ago
You do understand that some stories are posted on both the ps3 and 360 portions of this site don't you? And that clicking on either one will bring you to the same place? That said, why don't YOU get out of OUR 360 site? Why not? Cuz they're the same damn site.
bullet  +   3403d ago
First off maybe the 360 is way to difficult for sonyfans I mean just one example would be "ACE3081" A true f#ckin retard who thinks 360 fans came over to the playstation side to read this article..Ace since you are so dumb I will try to help you out if you look right under who posted this article you would see it was posted in both playstation and 360 sections!!!!!I think the ps3 interface will still be to hard for people like this.. What you need is a coloring book ,one that is not to complex for people like you!Microsoft just needs to put a warning right on the box "IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE F#CKIN RETARD THIS CONSOLE MAY NOT BE FOR YOU IT WILL BE WAY TO COMPLEX"
Shadow Flare  +   3403d ago
...or maybe if you think the 360 is just plain sh1t, then dont buy it...COUGH...Japan...COUGH
ACE  +   3403d ago
Shadow Flare
you seem to be a very simplten lol..

as for sony not screwing you lol ,,, how about 80% of all ps2 dvd drives broke ....

i woke up after my 3rd one never again .....

as for japan ,,, is that all you sad fony fans bring up japan this and japan that ,,, personely i prefer games from euorope and usa .... the japs are to obsesed by 12 year old school girls in there games etc so NO THANKS TO THE JAP GAMES LATER YOU FOOL
bullet  +   3403d ago
Thats funny SHADOW.. I really hope the ps3 is better then the 360 being that this will be Sonys third console and it is microsofts 2nd console. which the first xbox did not do as good in sales as the ps2 but the xbox1 was a much better console compaired to the ps2..So go have fun with your new psp when it comes out:)
bullet  +   3403d ago
hopefully it is not to complex for ya
bullet  +   3403d ago
see "WAS A SONY FAN" know whats up! Shadow ya need to quit postin lame sh!t and go color with your boyfriend!
f1r3waII K1LL3r  +   3403d ago
I have a PSP and when or maybe when I get a ps3 I wanted a completely new interface something I have never seen before not a rehashed psp interface, sony what the hell are you doing making me want this sytem less and less now. I know it looks nice and all and it probably works well but I want something different it is next gen after all
Unkoman  +   3403d ago
what tha f**k.....
why in the hell is everyone getting a hard on off a damn interface. I personally think the 360 has a very stylish and innovative interface. but guess what? that s MY OPINION. some people want the simplistic design of the psp and presumably the ps3. opinion. I think that interface is kool too just I prefer the 360's. majority of the d**ks on this site post nothing but there opinons and their emotions. if u want to b a fan boi fine. opinions r kool as long as u don't get too emotional start just flaming one another. then these forums become daycare. at least post facts. the nba has fans the nhl and so on. but damn stop being b*tches and getting so emotional. its a fact that sony has lied to the public countless times whether fan boys want to call it something else doesn't matter. its a fact that the 360 is selling bad in japan. I hope we can start to get more unbiased news and less opinions
Silent  +   3403d ago
Its ok PS3: W3lcom3 Chang3
Too all the xboxx60 fans,
I need you all to stop the hate.
dont fight it. if you like it get it.
return or dispose of the xboxx60.
PS3 is coming.

This interface is HOTT!!

Sony keep up the good job. Show M$ whos the KING when it comes to game console.
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gnothe1  +   3403d ago
now why would a person go an do that,return or dispose of the 360.what ever the ps3 can do the 360 do, other than blue-ray which aint that big a deal(for me)i'll be so glad when this thing come an you guys see the truth!!there will be no differacne between the 2. 80 percent of the games will be ports, an the other 20 percent wont. but... will they(developers) take advantage of the systems.its a shame that the console war is fueled by fanboism an brand loyalty, instead of great games. before all I played was my ps2, even though I went through 3 of them, I had to have my fix of madden an tekken.I played my xbox1, every now an then.but now that I got the 360, I done broaden my games abit.I play all kinds of games now, not just football an thanks to xbox im a more complete gamer!!but to say the 360 is xbox 1.5 is just very very that comment is just based of fanboism. the ps3 will be good, but only 400 dollar good,(for me) the ps3 do warrent the 600 price there asking,and im sure all the other people that owns a 360 fells the same way. only the ps3 fans thats waiting fells its worth the price, but hey more power to ya!!
DC RID3R  +   3403d ago
the inerface is hot...........
if u like the psp set-up that is!!!!
but from what i've been hearing lately, for every 1 person who likes the psp, another 10 are prefering the ds set-up, so big deal??
96impala  +   3402d ago
Hey can anybody tell me if the ps3 will have custom soundtrack ability? I've been reading and seaching but can't tell.

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