Left Mouse Button: APB Review

Left Mouse Button writes: "In the end APB is a disaster that will take a while to iron out. When we first saw the information and news about APB at the conferences there was some worry, a little voice in the back of our head going “Customization is all fine and well, but where’s the game?” Sadly it seems our fears have come true; APB wants to be GTA Multiplayer, but fails miserably at it. The dubious subscription method of buying time in order to play the game raises questions as to whether Realtime Worlds perhaps knew that realistically they had a dud on their hands. Why buy this when there’s a perfectly good GTAIV multiplayer that’s free accross the road?

Either way, APB as it is today isn’t very good. Like all MMO’s we’ll check back on it in a year to see if anything has improved over time, but in its current state APB cannot be recommended, even with an excellent customization tool. Soulless and without life, you should really just stick to GTAIV for now."

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