New leaked and confirmed Pokémon of Black and White

In the past an anime concept art has leaked, revealing four new Pokémon. Now the flying Pokémon has been confirmed in the Japanese television show Oha Suta showing an in-game screenshot of it.

Additionally Bandai presented a new Pokémon Toy edition showing yet two new Pokémon. One of them looks very similar to a Pokémon presented in the anime concept art. So is the second one legit as well?

Follow the link to check out the latest screenshots and toy images.

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Schneestern2934d ago

the flying one somehow reminds me at some other monster-charakter ._. maybe dragon quest or monster hunter or so

blitz06232934d ago

... It's a girl professor!

franktheprankreturns2934d ago

Yes the flying bat is confirmed and the new plastic ones look interesting, too. I hope Team Rocket will have the bat thing as new Pokémon. It looks funny!

Miroque2934d ago

I don't know if I should like or hate the new Pokémon, some look kinda like Gundam meets Digimon and some are really weird.

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al-burrito2934d ago

remember the time from red and blue editions for gameboy? i had them all! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.