inFamous 2 – Sucker Punch Studio Visit Photos

Play offers a pictorial account of its trip to see Sucker Punch where it got all the latest info on inFamous 2.

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CR-Y-SIS2967d ago

Only possible on the PS3, folks!

Blacktric2967d ago

What a great developer.

brazilianbumpincher2967d ago

sheesus everything really is bigger in america,no wonder obesity is a big killer over in america

FernandoMartinez2967d ago

If you look at the fork it is as big as the plate, so maybe it's just a little bigger steak on a little smaller plate.

N4BmpS2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

That hallway pic is awesome to me, think its because I like one-point perspective. Oh and graffiti.

Also, I think I remember climbing that building.

Stuart57562967d ago

I want that infamous t-shirt!

viking805fan2966d ago

yo, if u live in the US they sell em in Hot Topic

2967d ago
Redempteur2967d ago

i want to work in a programming environnement where i can take break by playing arcade games !!!!


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