Two HDTV Technologies Worth Waiting For

LED backlighting and 120-Hz refresh rates are coming to mainstream HDTVs like the ones Samsung showed off this week.

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PS360PCROCKS3952d ago

Lol do I have to make this a third straight year where I buy a new HD tv? I want this new refresh rate lol and than I could have to flat screens. Hmm...

aiphanes3952d ago

HDMI 1.3
LED backlighting
120HZ refresh

JIN KAZAMA3952d ago

they come out with
HDMI 1.4
some nerw type of backlighting
240Hz refresh rate.

PS360PCROCKS3952d ago

haha yeah jin in like a year.

Crazyglues3952d ago

I mean can they hurry up and make the HDTV that is the One HDTV that surpasses them all, and can finally run at 1600 x 1200 like a computer monitor. With the same quality look of a CRT but be flat like a plasma.

Then and only then will I have found my PS3's HDTV and only then Will I buy it.

DaEnforcer3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I wanna buy me a HDTV this winter, together with a PS3 :) ...but is Sony sleeping again? I didn't see them mentioned anywhere in the article.

PS3n3603952d ago

are made by samsung. as soon as samsung releases the technology Sony will put their logo on it too.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3952d ago

What's a good and cheap option for a mid-size HDTV?
Like between 20 and 30 inches I guess.
I don't care if it's flat screen or whatever (I've seen the
Samsung SlimFits and they seem pretty good).
I just need it to be good for DVDs and videogames.
It doesn't have to be the latest freaking technology.

Marriot VP3952d ago

Best option for me, a college student

Samsung 22 inch, best LCD for gaming and PC

xbox 360 looks amazing and this monitor is the best by far, absolutely no ghosting and freakin huge for only 320

PS3n3603952d ago

fast refresh rates for games and movies. lcd that have more than 8 ms response are noticebly crappy for high speed motion in movies and games. sharp aquos is the fastest i kno of with 6ms and less depending on mode. some tv's have a game mode which turns off some image processing features that slow the response time. Samsung has the game feature. I have a samsung thats not bad but i am getting the aquos 1080p as soon as i get a ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.