New Killzone 3 screens are full of chaos

Gamersmint : We have got 8 brand new Killzone 3 screenshots and boy do they look awesome! From letting you witness the environment while flying a jetpack to wrecking havoc with some badass weaponry, these new screenshots has a lot of new stuff on offer. Witness all the awesomeness below.

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Blacktric2908d ago

A compilation of epic epicness from an epic developer who is owned by an epic company!

Domer252908d ago

I concur on the epicness of your epic statement.

marinelife92908d ago

That lighting engine is tops. I'm sorry but Crysis 2 just doesn't look that good.

talltony2908d ago

They look good for a multiplat but are not pushing ps3's boundries like this game.

HolyOrangeCows2908d ago

Wait, wait, wait....have we even SEEN the Ps3 version of Crysis 2 in action? To my knowledge, they've only shown video of the PC version to the public.

talltony2908d ago

Of course since it's a multiplat the ps3 version of crysis 2 will not look noticably better if at all.

SilentNegotiator2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

They didn't show the 360 version.

talltony2907d ago

What are you talking about? I thought everybody knew this. Go look at the gameplay on gametrailers if u dnt believe me.

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prongs1232908d ago

If there is one PS3 exclusive game that deserves a "OMG HYPED THIS IS IT HAXOR!" status after God Of War 3, it's Killzone 3 !!(Twisted Metal can wait :P)

cyborg2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

but I will give that status to GT 5 :D

Ri0tSquad2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Not only that, but the quality is worse.

Their pictures

Better quality source

Looks good though!

Snakefist302908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Are They Wanna Bring Back The Guns From KZ1.I Really Miss Those Secondary weapons Like Heilghast Assault Rifle Equipped With Shotgun And ISA Rifle With Grenade Launher And Rico's Gun Is One Of My Fav.

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The story is too old to be commented.