Medal of Honor PS3/PC Beta Keys Available To All Now

For those who have yet to join the PS3 or PC Medal of Honor Beta, now is your chance! Medal Of Honor Keys for both PC and PS3 are now open to all users by simply registering.

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zeksta3031d ago

Actually, i had a fun time playing this game, move aside the lag and bugs and this game can actually make a good impression on most people, yet everyone tends to look at the lag and bugs more, lets just hope DICE don't release a bugged up game again.

Well.. bugged up with new patches.

HSx93031d ago

WOW I got this error:

"We're sorry. You do not meet the requirements to enter this website"

deadreckoning6663031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

@zeksta- Well, its your opinion. But IMHO, the MOH beta is the worst I've ever been in. The only way I see someone thinking that beta was great is if they've never played BC2 or either Modern Warfare games. MOH is a mix of both but isn't better than EITHER of these games from what I can tell from the beta.

I understand this is only a beta..but anyone who was in the fantastic BC2 beta knows that DICE dropped the ball hard on MOH multiplayer.

zeksta3031d ago

Actually, i have played and still got both MW2 and BFBC 2, they are both great games and MOH feels like a combo of them both, but i just find it enjoyable to play considering i'm a partial fan of the gameplay, like i've said to many people "If i enjoy i game, i'll continue playing it, if i hate it, i'll destroy the disk."

somethingstrang3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )


Sorry, but anybody who says that the game is a "combo of them both" has been riding the hype train too hard and reading too many blogs. How many hours did you log per day for MW2 and BC2? And MoH? The beta is stale and you know it.

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AAACE53031d ago

Uhhh, maybe i'll find it! I think it's balled up under my bed.

r1sh123031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I agree with you, since they used dice for the game engine, they should have demanded dice make a new engine or at least evolved the current BC2 engine.
they didnt mix the best things from modern warfare 2 and BC2.
Its unfortunate, I was looking forward to this game, but now Ill have to stil with black ops.
Its an average game, and theres no way its gonna outsell call of duty.
The original MOH games were made by Inifity Ward, before those employees quite EA and created infinity ward. (check machinima respawn youtube and search infinity ward history)
A different company cant take over such an all time great and then give it to dice.
Dice are terrible.

TrevorPhillips3031d ago

Got mine a week ago.

Game is good but still some bugs that they need to fix.

Plus does it lag for you guys when you get killed?

BeaArthur3031d ago

They have said that they have worked out the death lag internally but may not release a patch during the beta.

BurninDragon083031d ago

I have been playing it since the beta was released on June 19th. I can honestly say it's a really good game and I will be purchasing it when it drops first day.

They do need to release a patch to fix a few bugs though. It's frozen on me three times since they released the patch that was supposed to fix freezing issues. But it doesn't freeze nearly as bad. I've only experienced lag in two games so I don't really understand everyone claiming lag. When you die, it does however have a horrible animation that's glitchy/laggy.

SilverSlug3031d ago

You need to pre-order. How can I decided to pre-order if I can't try it?

peeps3031d ago

beta's not about trying a game though really, it's about testing it.

Now adays though developers use beta's more of a pre order tool than to really fix issues imo.

and to save you the trouble, it gets boring very quickly. It's essentially halfway between bfbc and cod4 but not as good as either. It just feels half arsed which is a shame cus i was honestly looking forward to this hoping it to be a game to play as an alternative to black ops

hassi943031d ago

Free to anyone to download now.

N4BmpS3031d ago

Yeah it works Im dloading it now. nothing critical will happen to my PS3 will it?

zeksta3031d ago

Nope, your PS3 will be fine, it's just like any other PSN Game you download.

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