Deeper Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming with Falcons?

Generally, forum posts are dubious and not newsworthy. Unless a forum post is written by a known industry insider or offers some exclusive information or rumor, it should never be reported to

However, a particular post about Xbox 360 price cuts seems to have some degree of merit. Two-to-three days before Joystiq leaked the Circuit City flyer photos that announced the mult-tier price cut, a post in a NeoGAF forum post had correctly reported the unusual $20, $30 and $50 separate price cuts for the Core, Elite, and Premium models. That is an amazing prediction that has turned out to be correct.

However, that is not all to the post. Here is the forum post in its entirety:

"Originally posted by artredis1980 on July 29, 2007:

I have it coming from a reliable source that CURRENTLY

The Core will drop to 279
The Premium will drop to 349
The Elite will drop to 449

This will clear out the inventory of the Premium which is the most manufactured 360 and the most sold as they know Premium will sell the most until the demand for Elites pick up in 2008. Elites and Cores have relatively the same manufacturing percentage: low at the moment until FALL this year.

When the 65 nm processor falcons are introduced across all SKUs, the holiday season, a month or so after Halo 3 will see the core drop to $249, The Premium will drop to $299 and the Elite will drop to $399

The Core, Premium and Elite Falcons will have a redesigned motherboard which includes HDMI across all SKUs, a quieter DVD Drive and the falcons will STILL have an extra fan heatsink as Microsoft is not prepared to take anymore risks.

The Falcon will reduce the cost to manufacture the Xbox 360 CPU and GPU by ~40-50% but Microsoft will incure additional costs on the new fans and HDMI across all SKUs. Still at the 249,299 and 399 price, Microsoft will expect a profit from the console by early 2008 when the Q4 results are announced."

(End of the forum post.)

Of course, even though the forum post had correctly reported the unusual multi-tier price cut two-to-three days before the leak of the Circuit City flyer, it is still a forum post. So please take it with a grain of salt.

Note: the story image is not an actual price cut.

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no_more_heroes3917d ago

take with just a grain of salt? It must mean one big a$$ fVck!n grain then.

marinelife93917d ago

Offer me a Falcon Premium with the extra heat sink and fan at $299 and I will expand your coffers Microsoft.

PIMPDURB3917d ago

If this post about the various price drops is true, then SONY is in some serious trouble.

nasim3917d ago

after the price cut...ps3 is murdering x360 all around the world.

i terms of sales ps3 has overtaken x360 for the 1st time in NA in JULY

in EU/JAPAN x360 is already a dead console.

MS should stop producing this low powered and defective console

CodeMonkey3916d ago

stop defending your poor purchase of a PS3. The 360 has been spanking the ps3 and will continue until the next gen console. you sir are a moron

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the_round_peg3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

But how the heck could someone predict some weird $20, $30 and $50 and still got the order right ($20 for Core, $50 for Premium, $30 for Elite)? Those were some strange numbers, and they were out-of-order. Why couldn't they be $20 for Core, $30 for Premium, $50 for Elite, which seemed to make more sense just a few days ago?

And then those weird, out-of-order price cuts turned out to be right on. That's why I'm giving special consideration to the rest of that post.

no_more_heroes3917d ago

that Microsoft is fighting fire with fire. Maybe they're trying to do what Sony is doing, only for theirs the prices on the new models are lowered even further not just sooner, but immediately.

hazeblaze3917d ago

Not quite sure I understand what you're trying to say here??? These price cuts aren't happening immediately... their $50 price cut isn't even effective yet!

no_more_heroes3917d ago

when the Falcon models come out will they be at that reduced price or will they still have the price from the previous price cut of $50?

Rhezin3917d ago


MACHone3917d ago

Yeah, I agree. You didn't have to shout, though. No hate towards Microsoft, but if I was planning on buying an Xbox 360, I certainly wouldn't be doing it until the Falcon chipsets are standard. So what does this mean for the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360's? Will they have the improved chipset? Or are they just gonna fail like 33% of the rest of them?

Pain703917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

why would you have to buy another one? if the one you have now fails, aren't you getting it fixed for free? i would love to have an upgraded version, but mine (premium and elite) run just fine. and if they break, they get fixed. for free! hopefully if they do ever break, they'll send me a refurb with the new crap in it. i have no worries other than lost gaming time. and considering the line up starting in two weeks, i might be just a little pist (due to wait time to enjoy games) with the down time. buy the $50 MS bumper to bumper coverage and play the $hit out of that thing man. its a toy, ENJOY IT!

frostbite063917d ago

Yah guys, even if you bought one at launch, your original warrenty is still in effect

PS360PCROCKS3917d ago

Omg that would be amazing! $250 for a console with HDMI? damn.

i Shank u3917d ago

i gotta say man i paid 400 and got no HDMI. damn the astards! lol o well im still happy as hell with component

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