Sony compares the free bonuses from the first two seasons of Qore

Kevin Furuichi compares the free bonuses from the first season of Qore to the second one.

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Neo Nugget3088d ago

PS+ gets Qore free, right?

Spenok3088d ago

Sweet, that saves me $25 a year.....or does it? Lol...

oGShAdY3088d ago

Included SOCOM, Killzone 2, and Resistance 2. You can't beat that right there. That's why so many people thought the second year was vastly outdone by the first.

T9X693088d ago

I agree somewhat, the first year also had better free games and demos. The 2nd year has only had MAG and Modnation Racers as beta, which are nice, but I'm tired of seeing High Velocity Bowling every freakin month as a free game. Hell I would be happy with a shitty PS1 game, anything is better than the same thing over and over again.

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