Microsoft's Shane Kim talks Xbox 360 failure rates, says Core is "here to stay"

The Lost E3 Interview (part two)! GamePro speaks with Shane Kim about the Xbox 360 failure rates, 'fessing up and taking responsibility, plus Microsoft's plans (if any) for getting into the handheld market.

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PS360PCROCKS3953d ago

He gets better with every interview. I respect the fact he says his ideas in clear and concise way and doesn't bash any of the other companies.

Meus Renaissance3953d ago

I agree. I enjoy his interviews more than I did with Peter Moore and Co.

Although its interesting they always ask about Sony, whereas in the vice versa, Sony are rarely ever asked about Microsoft.

JsonHenry3953d ago

The core system was a blight on Xbox brand. It should have been done away with a long time ago. Actually, it should simply have never been.

Azures3953d ago

Your right Json, it serves to segregate its own community and not producing a standard for devs to work with. They're just lucky the divide between core and premium systems isn't more 50/50, that people are smart enough to stay away from it.

ReBurn3953d ago

The core is the de facto standard for the 360 simply because all games must be compatible with it. In my opinion that's not all bad. Developers are forced to be innovative since they don't have an option to offload huge amounts of game data to disk. That doesn't necessarily limit the quality of the games, either.

Azures3953d ago

Thats no longer true though. COD4 requires hdd space to play.

Adamalicious3953d ago

@Shiro - the CoD4 needing requiring HDD was debunked. They said the artists just stuck the icon on there as a placeholder.

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Tempo3953d ago

Wasn't this already posted, for everybodys sake its right on the home page

power of Green 3953d ago

Still about the same boring suject(s). How much more fessing up can you do.

Part 20 year 2015: MS Xbox 360 failure rates, 'fessing up and taking responsibility.

Tempo3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Just a bit agitated today...seems the 'trollicus-blastomi' disease is rubbin' off on me too LOL j/k

MetalProxy3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Another boring debate, on something that everyone aready knows.
Come on already and drop that worthless core system. What a waste of time and money. If you buy the thing get the premium or the Elite!

Whats with this statement from the interview "We have a ton of confidence of the content portfolio of xbox 360 and xbox live and thats why your not seeing a price reduction from us." Interesting!

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The story is too old to be commented.