Will Rock Band Shut Off Guitar Hero's Mic?

First, let me say that EA is doing the right thing. Not only is it proper strategy to establish a bit of real estate in this hands-on, musical genre, but dealing with MTV brings a lot of benefits. You just know that the music channel will leverage its broadcast assets to maximize the promotional value for Rock Band.

Second, I'd say that Activision shareholders maybe should worry -- but only in a small, healthy way. Having a little competition around might not be such a bad thing. The publisher knows it's going to have to pull out all the stops to ensure that its next Guitar Hero game, which is being developed by Neversoft, will still appeal to its hardcore base as well as a whole host of new groupies. Still, when the creator of Guitar Hero takes the playing field to the next level, you know a lot of mindshare will be focused on the competing product.

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Syko3916d ago

Cant wait for this game. It might very well take over my life with the amount of DLC in the pipeline. This game will never get old, and they will force Activision and GH3 to lower their prices or suffer the consequences. I already have 16,000 MS points waiting for this game, Thanks to Circuit City's Buy one get one free 1600 point cards!

Syko3916d ago

Ya good luck finding it, Best Buy will price match if you argue for a little bit. I got 4 at two different BB's and 2 at CC. Good luck it is good until the 4th of August.

Check out my forum post for more details.

ZombiesNJ3916d ago

The game itself looks pretty good, however I'm concerned about the partnership with MTV...MTV has gone way away from it's roots back in the 80s and early 90s when the music was the most important it's all about Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16 (BARF)...I know it says for promotional benefits but it's still a concern that they might put some really bad music in future versions of the game...

MACHone3916d ago

I really don't see these franchises as "competing." After all, I plan on getting both! If you like Guitar Hero, you'll probably like Rock Band, and vice versa.

Dlacy13g3916d ago

Madden is the only game in started to get stale (see 06 & 07 for reference) then 2K comes back into football with All Star Football and suddenly Madden is again getting glowing reviews and seemingly is putting forward a worthy effort of our $60.

I felt the same thing was going on with Guitar Hero. Number one was great...fantastic...they put out II...and wasnt really a vast improvement...just more of the same and different songs. Guitar Hero 3 looks to be even more of the same, and their download song packs felt pricey. Now Rockband is coming and its packin a hopefully they are either going to step up a notch on 3 or at minimum we can expect to see some innovation/major graphical upgrades, etc for #4.

Competition brings out the best.

ryanjtravis3916d ago

Shouldn't it be like "Will Rock Band Shut off Guitar Hero's Amp" or something?

Sorry to be picky, but I saw this and was like "Huh? Isn't Rock Band the one with the mic?"

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The story is too old to be commented.