Insomniac Games Multiplatform Title Will Be Developed Simultaneously

Insomniac Games administrator Pacman posted on the Insomniac forums that the new multiplatform game won't be ported from one console to another.

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ExplosionSauce3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

This way they can ensure high quality and a stable experience on both versions. Although I imagine this taking more work than a usual multiplatform game.
It's good to know they're putting a lot of effort into it.

AAACE53003d ago

I wonder what kind of game they will make? My money's on a platforming title!

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deno3003d ago

Happy to see them being fare and committed.

deno3003d ago

Committed to making games for both systems at the same time instead of porting.

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The story is too old to be commented.