Co-op Condemned online

Speaking to CVG senior Sega producer Constantine Hantzopoulos told us, "We're trying to bring that Condemned feeling of visceral, in your face hand-to-hand combat into the multiplayer space. There's gunplay if you want it but that's not what Condemned is really about. Condemned multiplayer is going to be very unique."

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THC CELL3953d ago

Great news for horror game fans

Umbrella Corp3953d ago

im really anticipating this game better with 2 people and 40 wasted bums then 1

PS360PCROCKS3953d ago

NICE! Halo is 4 player co-op now this is also co-op! Hells yeah!

boi3953d ago

hell yes!!!

A horror game with co-op/online ect...been waiting for a damn horror game that we know it be good to have co-op...Jericho is a let down same with Vampire rain

obscure that was good but its like way back...waiting for Obscure 2 now and yes this one too

ArduousAndy3953d ago

does this game really need online?

THAMMER13953d ago

Playing this game is like walking in on you grandparents while they are swapping BEEF. Totally FU**ED scary game. I loved the 1st one. Max difficulty almost scared the black off of me.

PS360PCROCKS3953d ago

I wanna agree with you thammer but lol I can't say it scared the black off of me, I guess maybe it scared the tan off of me? :)

Deafman4203953d ago

Hells Yes it does! IMO ALL games on xbox should have mandatory online co-op play option.

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The story is too old to be commented.