Retailer: PS3 80GB release set for Aug. 12

Sony will release its new 80GB PS3 SKU on Aug 12, according to a product listing of the item on

The company this month announced that it would release an 80GB model with a copy of the online racing title MotorStorm for 599$.

Amazon is not offering pre-orders for the item as of Tues. morning, however it does offer an email alert service for notification when the time is available for purchase.

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sonarus3882d ago

Once the supply for 60GB is gone i hope the bring the price down


If you come to think, HDD 20GB bigger is not that much cost, specially if you buy thousands per week.

But, the 80GB model has no Emotion Engine, and that was some significant cost on the console.

If you put that together, you will see that the 80GB model is cheaper to be produced than the 60GB one, which alone stands for a 499$ price tag.

Ok, lets assume that Sony stills taking some loss even with the 80GB been cheaper to produce and sell on the price tag of 499$. But Sony's game division now have support of the other divisions and can take some more loss going further to make another price cut taking the 80GB to, for example, 449$, and ensure a install base so it can make the money back with games.

Yes, I'm betting that Sony will cut the price of the 80GB model BELOW 499$... I don't believe that a 40GB model will come. I mean, unless they would take away card readers and/or wi-fi, just make the HDD smaller don't make it significantly cheaper. And take away those features, even with a low price, the 20GB model already have proven that this strategy don't work.

PS: Sorry for the crappy english.

aiphanes3882d ago

But how many 60 gb PS3 are out there? I am thinking at least 1.5 million....maybe only 1 million now.

supnub53882d ago

because if they would price drop to lat's say 100 it would hurt a lot of people's feelings, because they just bought 60gb and now they could get 80gb for the same price, becuase 80gb is bigger and has a game.

Azures3882d ago

before Xmas they'll drop it to $500 or release a $400 40 gig one.

supnub53882d ago

Lol disagree on everyone,there must been a troll, don't worry i'll agree.

crippler6663882d ago

I think if the figures are that high then they only have 2 choices

1) Bring down the price of the 80gig
2) Or have 2 SKU's

Both have good points and bad points. But IMO they will opt for 2 SKU's.

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The story is too old to be commented.