Halo 3 will feature 4 player co-op on Xbox Live

During a official press conference in Amsterdam Microsoft and Bungie confirmed that Halo 3 will feature 4 player cooperative play on Xbox Live. More info coming soon.

"In Halo 3, the third installment of the legendary epic, the war has come to a climax; the Flood continues to grow in numbers and strength, the armies of Earth are scattered and decimated, and the Covenant threatens to activate the Halo, effectively destroying all life in the galaxy. Master Chief's mission is to stop the Covenant, destroy the impending Flood threat and, ultimately, save mankind."

Worldwide availability starting september 25, 2007


4 player co-op is regarding the singleplayer missions.

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MK_Red3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Please read the UPDATE.
The good news is that online co-op (Rumored to go MIA) is back.
The bad news is that they followed/also-added Free Radical's Haze 4 player online co-op. (I'm not saying right after they heard about Haze they did it. This type of feature needs much more than 6 months of work,

UPDATE: My comment was mis sjudged. I NEVER meant steal/rip-off. Perhaps copy was not the right word and by "Bad News" I didnt mean bad news for gaming or that Bungie is doing a bad thing, on the contrary, its always good to see a good feature used in another great game, what I meant that was that now Haze has no advantage over Halo 3 (4 player co-op was its biggest boon) and now may sell weaker than before and the fact that a new IP may not sell enough is the bad news. (And no I'm not being a PS3 fanboy, I dont even have a PS3 yet.)

EDIT: I didnt want to flame or offend anyone. 4 player co-op was Haze's big feature. Maybe "copy" was a too strong word. I love both games (Haze and Halo 3) and hope they succeed. Haze almost has no chance against a juggernaut thats Halo 3 but 4 player co-op was its biggest selling feature and now...

Marriot VP3919d ago


why wouldn't co-op increase from 2 to 4 naturally with the progression of games. that's like saying graphics can't improve because they'd copy crysis.

X_GAMER_X3919d ago

I think u mean HAZE copied HALO.
Look at the name. HAZE, HALO.
The armor. allmost the same.

Mr Murda3919d ago

For a second there I almost thought you weren't a fanboy, but you had to go and ruin it. Simply an uncalled for comment. Bubble Lost = Time Lost

Anyway, this is a great thing for Halo fans. In the broader spectrum it's a great thing for all gamers to start seeing these games allowing for 4 player online co-op. It's a good indication of the capability of these next gen systems.

MoonDust3919d ago

I think you owned yourself there.

TriggerHappy3919d ago

you usually make neutral comments ..what happened ?

VirusE3919d ago

4 player co-op was a listed feature for halo 2.

power of Green 3919d ago

Announced 4 player co-op just a few months ago, its probably something Bungie wouldn't dare try to copy and implement in 6 months. Free Radical's Ideas come from Halo its clear they tried to anticapate Bungie's moves.

MK_Red3919d ago

Perhaps my comment was misjudged. Please read the update as I explained my point more to remove any misunderstanding.

i Shank u3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

MK WTF dude!!?!? haha j/k , yea you were off base saying haze copied it cause it was suppose to be in Halo 2 but never made it. there is no bad news like you said.
anyways i gave you a bubble cause im sure others will snatch them, and your comment wasnt flaming or whatever, just incorrect.

@Virus E- dude I still have that EGM argghh i hated that issue. It said Halo 2 would have 4player co-op, the mongoose, a feature where you could lower your weapon to sprint twice as fast as normal, it was suppose to have Melee combos, ah that EGM had me so pumped for H2 it made me say WTF when i finally got H2.
@Jason XG1 - hahaha, that is becoming too hard to resist for me anymore, coming on this site just to flame back at some fantards

VirusE3919d ago

Mk it isnt a copy. In the first issue of EGM to showcase halo 2 had an interview with bungie that stated that 4 player co-op was a planned feature. Obviously 4 player co-op has been on there minds for years. Doom also had 4 player co-op and that was in 94.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3919d ago

Yeah you did, after all you are MK Red. Thats like me saying I don't come here to piss Sony fans off.

power of Green 3919d ago

Don't worry about it although in my mind you couldn't have been saying anything other than Bungie was copying and was taking easy street trying to still Haze's thunder you went from bashing to fixing the misstake which is always good in my book.

Come on tho a solid title would have to be designed from the ground up and talored to the campaign mode from the start. AI and level Balance etc etc...

gta_cb3919d ago

looks like you have been attacked lol.

@ everyone attacking him

your miss understanding him, read his update. he used wrong words and has explained what he ment. i agree with what hes saying.

MK_Red3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Did you read the update. I said that by copy, I didn't mean ripoff or steal. To avoid more misunderstandment, I change the copy to follow. Also, I didn't say 4 co-op was the a first for any game. As I said, Bungie is following and they may have had decided to do see a year ago but announce it now.
The bad thing I mentioned was that Haze lost its only advantage to Halo 3 among the mainstream since now they dont have a big feature. Haze has Nectar and other cool features but the genreal and big 4 player co-op for the whole singleplayer is no longer exclusivly availabe for Haze and now another shooter, and a bigger and much more famous one (Halo 3) has the feature and thats to Haze's disadvange to general buyer and that makes me sad. I wanted Haze to sell so good and for some time they could rely on being the only 4 player co-opped game. As I said, its good news that Halo 3 has the feature and but now that Bungie has announced the feature for their game (Again, if I wanted to say otherwise, I could have used steal or rip-off for Bungie but they didnt steal it or anything, they just announced a great feature for Halo 3, hence the word fallow in the update), and now Haze deosnt have a big famous advantage to fight Halo3 fanbase and hype (To a lot of consumers, 4 player co-op is a lot and mostly dont care about Nectar and in-game details) which may lead to mediocre sales for Haze which in my opinion is indeed bad news.

UPDATE: Thanks gta_cb.

VirusE3919d ago

Well said MK bubbles for you sir.

clownfacemcgee3919d ago

You said, "I think u mean HAZE copied HALO.
Look at the name. HAZE, HALO.
The armor. allmost (sic) the same."

So by that logic, Halo copied Half-Life.
Look at the name. HALO, HALF-LIFE.
The armor. pretty similar.

BTW, that sounds awesome. And I don't care who copied who or what not. Sometimes companies need to copy one another, because they had a good idea. I really don't care that the Playstation's controller copied the Snes or that Xbox's controller copied the Playstation's. Or if PSN copied Xbox Live. Some company comes up with a good idea, and I'm glad they copy each other, so we can move forward and all the consoles or games or whatever will have that good idea.

OldSchoolGamer3919d ago

Words that should never be uttered, and I do mean ever! Halo copying Haze, lol. Don't worry PS3fanboys it is true, Haze is in the running to carry Masterchief's jockstrap.

nasim3919d ago

back in MARCH.

BTW...HAZE looks realistic...HAZE doesnt look like cartoon HALO 3 with power ranger KIDS.

Why are MS even releasing this HALO 3--- a cartoon game in the era of photorealism

VirusE3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

My god nasim got his bubbles back!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nasim i saw you on a egm forum post about lair the other day and i honestly am starting to think that you are one of the most hated and made fun of people in the world of gaming. Your opinion is less than worthless.

Nasim halo 2 announced co-op as a feature 4 years ago so obviously it has been in the front of bungies minds. Doom had it 15 years ago. Read before you speak.

Mr Murda3918d ago

This got out of line from the get go.

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Evoluti0n3919d ago

How do you know they didn't have this confirmed, for awhile now, and tried to trick us into thinking there was not going to be any co-op at all?

Odion3919d ago

WOOT! Oh man 4 player co-op is going to be the freaking bomb!