Kinect: Tighter Clothes Gives A Better Response For The Games Says Microsoft Rep

This is a great interview with one of the fans in the gaming industry, but the actual info he has is even more mind blowing. Watch the interview and be prepared for some interesting news

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freezola752938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Tighter clothes!!! Bwhahahahahahaha Wow... now you've got to just get mom and your brother, and sister some spandex and get to Kinecting LLS!!!

He is saying my exact sentiment regarding who won e3 man. Nintendo showed the 3DS and it's familiar games and M$ had there usual big guns and the Kinect. But Sony had VARIETY!

Say it with me: V-A-R-I-E-T-Y meaning 'an assortment of'

Mista T2938d ago

I'll invite some hot chicks and let them play the river raft game, no bras is a plus :P

Myze2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Completely nude will provide the best play session, oh, and also, wearing no clothes will help with that Kinect thing too.

egm_hiphopgamer2938d ago

lol lol lmao now that's funny, I'll look just like that if beyonce was playing kinect lol

1Victor2938d ago

Its time to dust off those old Halloween spider man costumes.

PLAYstar2937d ago

AHAHAHA! Wearing thighs for gaming! That's a new one right there.
Great interview man! Very perspective of all truths!

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yoshiroaka2938d ago

Thats too bad because i cant wear skinny jeans because my balls wont fit.
I guess nude would work unless my dangles would end up throwing off natal...hmm either way look out neighbors!!

yoshiroaka2938d ago

On a serious note tho, before i never had any beef with kinect because for all intensive purposes it seemed to work but as time go by more and more technical limitations keep popping up and it seems a bit risky to have something so finicky to be green lit.

Maybe by the time it launches it may be a different story but to me it feels like they are still trying to figure out how this thing is actually gonna work like they havent thought it all the way through yet. Anyway, time will tell.


Looks like I have to play Naked to have no problemas with Clothes, I'll pass with Kinect.

kneon2937d ago

no, you can just break out that gold spandex body suit. Now you have a good excuse to wear it :)

halojunkie2938d ago

donnys comment was deleated...

he said kinect reminds him of scientology, its like a crazy cult.

Jaces2938d ago

Time to whip out the spandex babay!

gta28002938d ago

I wasn't ever gonna go near Kinect but at least this tells me I can't even try haha. Cause I don't rock no tight shit.

AAACE52937d ago

Or you can have a party where everyone is ass naked! I wonder what kind of response you would get then.

Eddie201012937d ago

If I where spandex will it get rid of the lag?

tinybigman2937d ago

the 100-150 bucks this is rumored to be lol.

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ActionBastard2938d ago

Kinect: Not buying Kinect will allow gamers to buy Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2, and The Sly Cooper Collection instead says Action Bastard.

jdktech20102938d ago

It's the most genius marketing ploy ever......

xHarvey2938d ago

So we all have to run out and buy skinny jeans now ? No thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.