Kinect Sports for Xbox 360 sales increase at retailer

Punchjump writes: "Advanced sales for Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect Sports for the Kinect hardware for Xbox 360 increased this week on stronger demand for the title.

This week, Kinect Sports held a 52 percent sales increase to rank at No. 283 in Amazon’s Video Games division."

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Tony-A2789d ago

It's in the 200s?

I could have sworn it was within the Top 100 a few days ago. I mean, high on the top 100. It may have been a different game, though.

thewrathman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

seriously people..does a sales spike in any game desserve an article?

@deadreck..i applaud your effort to prove a point but come on.

52% at that rank could be an increase of 5 pre-orders.damn, you could do that yourself with 1 email account.

Eddie201012789d ago

Is it necessary to have an article on Xbox 360 sales posted on N4G everyday. Sure the Xbox 360 sales are going to go up when they release a version that is not, supposedly, faulty (4 years after the fact).

deadreckoning6662789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yep, I wanna see if this gets approved like the "Move selling very well" article. Lets see if the people that call B.S. on this article are the same people that didn't call B.S. in the Move article lol.

Godmars2902789d ago

When did pre-orders become as important as sales? When did Kenect, and Move for that matter, become top sellers despite the fact that neither have been released to retail?

Seriously, is the whole industry just becoming outright retarded?

Hellsvacancy2789d ago

Its not just Move and Natal, look, i posted this and it got approved

Must of been a dull day

Hallmark Moment2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

"or move for that matter" you mad. Stfu no one cares what you say in the gamer/360/casual camps. When people pre-order something they intend to own it lol. And yes people can cancel/return products. LoL. You're one of the worst ps3 fanboy trolls here on n4g. log off for once.

Godmars2902789d ago

Thank ou for further pointing out that tracking pre-orders with accessories mcuh-less games mean absolutely jack-sh*t, yet are being covered regardless.

Pity about that fanboy stick shoved up your @$$ though...

Tony-A2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Don't bother with this one. He sees life through Microsoft-sponsored tunnel-vision.

I think all the pre-order rankings news came in because we don't have anymore E3 news to give. That's the downside to this industry. New things don't flow through everyday like the film or music industry. It's tough, man.

SilverSlug2789d ago

I expect this to be bigger for Xbox brand than Kinect will.

Kyur4ThePain2789d ago

I fear we have months of these immature tit-for-tat articles to look forward to.

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The story is too old to be commented.