Circuit City Ad Corroborates 360 Price Break

Several leaked images of the Circuit City's ad corroborates recent rumors of a 360 price drop. The leaked images also reveal possible new prices on both the Core and Elite models of the Xbox 360.

The ad features a $50 price drop on the Premium 360, $20 price drop on the Core 360 and a $30 price drop on the Elite 360.

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the_round_peg3888d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Looking at the recent market trend, Xbox 360 will be the dead last in this generation unless there's a $100 price cut across ALL models by the end of this year. (I recommend a $50 price cut now and another $50 before the end of the year.)

$280 for Core? No thanks, I'd go for the Wii because I know it'll be #1 for this generation, and when Wii is #1 it'll have lots of good games down the road.

$450 for Elite? No thanks, I'd pay a meager additional $50 for PS3 to get the Blu-ray player.

nasim3888d ago

when you could have a much more powerful and better ps3 for just 500$ with wifi + free online +HDMI 1.3 +5 absolutely freee Blue ray movies +an absolutely free next gen DVD player!!!!

ps3 is also reliable and doesnt have 100% defective rate

the_round_peg3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

If Core is $199, Premium is $299, and Elite is $399 by this Christmas season, then it'll be game over for PS3.

Here's the situation: the price of Core is not low enough to compete with Wii in the price-conscious market segment, while the power and features of Elite are not high enough to compete with PS3 in the power-buyer market segment (yet the prices of an Elite and PS3 are almost the same.) Xbox 360 models just have bad price points all around.

Umbrella Corp3888d ago

hardware not a console makes its if you have fun aka the wii halo 3 and sixaxis,i dont buy a console just for a hd player

the_round_peg3888d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

If I primarily wanted a video game console, then I wouldn't pay an additional $150 or $200 to buy a Blu-ray player on a PS3, regardless of how hard Sony tried to push it on me.

However, if I was willing to pay for the high-end model of Xbox 360, but the blu-ray player (on a PS3) cost only $50 more, then hell yeah!

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Funky Town_TX3888d ago

elite $449 what is the point
core $279 make it $250
prem $349 make it $300

that will move units.

eLiNeS3888d ago

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

$50 strait across would have been better but will take what we can I guess.

M1am1U3888d ago

I personally thought they would have dropped the price more significantly. Maybe they've got a two step price drop in order...possibly to coincide with Halo 3. Who knows.

Tempo3888d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

it looks and feels like an in house promo,my main gripe would be with the elite. If this was the pricing structure for the cut wouldn't it make more sense to give the bigger cut to the slowest moving sku the mid or smaller cut to your most popular? Just a thought.

codeazrael3887d ago

It is the only model I still see sold out alot of times

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The story is too old to be commented.