Move selling very well

In what amounts to some very positive news for Sony, it appears sales of the PlayStation Move are on the way up with some major North American retailers.

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2792d ago
T9X692792d ago

How is something that is not out yet selling very well? The pre-order might be high, but so far Move has sold nothing as its not out yet.

deadreckoning6662792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yea, the title should have been something like, "Move pre-orders on the rise" But yea watevs, this ill get approved regardless. Btw, I don't know why you have 2 disagrees. Pre-orders don't equal sales.

@Skv- Thx for posting the link. I've never seen those before XD

@TOO PAWNED- Yea, Sorcery and Heroes on the Move are the only Move games I'm interested in right now, but I'll get Move in late 2011 when the price drops a little.

TOO PAWNED2792d ago

Personally ill wait for that Sorcery game. That game seemed like build up around Move, rest of casual games and move add ons (for Socom 4) are not for me. But i cant WAIT to play Sorcery and Heros on the MOVE. Day 1 when one of those gets released.

Tony-A2792d ago

The one I'm most looking forward to with Move is RE5. I held off on buying it or playing it because the tank controls and more of just aim and shoot on a controller weren't enough for me to spend all the cash.

Now that it has Move controls, it reminds me of RE4 and has me excited for it all over again.

There are other games I want for Move, but that's my main one. If I go and grab a set on Day 1, I'll probably be picking up more than one game, especially if it's those two.

thewrathman2792d ago

good article until this :

'However, no word was mentioned of an increase in sales for Kinect'.

i guess the top ten on isnt worth crowing about unless your in the toysrus chart-the benchmark of success along side barbie and action man.desperate much?

i think the standards of journalism are slipping at let a fanboy write this one.he managed to turn a perfectly good sales analysis turn to flamebait in his last sentence.


pain777pas2792d ago

Move's Precision may make first person shooters played with a standard controller a thing of the past. I really want to test it out though before I buy cause Socom and Heavy Rain are pretty good choices for the control scheme though I'm alittle sceptical with Socom for some reason. Really need a hands on before I'm convinced but I'm getting there.

rockleex2792d ago

"Natal outselling Move"

And now there's this article.


facelike2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

"Yea, Sorcery and Heroes on the Move are the only Move games I'm interested in right now, but I'll get Move in late 2011 when the price drops a little."

You are assuming Move will be unsuccessful hence the price will drop. If the Move is successful, they will not drop the price. Why discount something if it is selling?

Aquanox2791d ago

"Very well" is not enough in the neigbourhood of the Best Sellers.

sikbeta2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

OK, people that are complaining about the "sales" of something that is not in stores, this is the same as the the other article about kinect "selling", so if both devices are not even out yet, but there was an APPROVED article talking about "sales" already, no-1 needs to complain about...

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WildArmed2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

lol I was wondering that too.
This must be news from the future.. kinda like the Move ad from K.B.


I'll just pick it up next year when the price drops a bit..
or I might just break down on launch day and go buy it xD

RememberThe3572792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

This will forever be a gaming classic. At least for those who don't get butthurt over it.

Jack Klugman2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

ah yes add the Pew Pew Pew to the Giant Enemy Crab!! 4D and Massive Damage!

Hopefully KB can come up with about 10 more to make up for the ridiculously embarrassing commments that have streamed out of Sony this whole gen..

funny stuff, of course unless you are butthurt over it.

OnTopic: Move is a joke and Examiner is pure sh*t. Hallmark is spot on..

Shang-Long2792d ago

you i realized something. people said the move wont see because people have a Wii

well what about those people with only a ps3, and was considering picking up a Wii.

like was thinking of getting a Wii but with the move coming, its changed my mind.
but then again without the Wii id miss out on mario

Dojan1232792d ago

My kids do not like the same kind of game I play. I thought about the Wii for them. Now my kids are excited about the casulas coming out for the Move.

DarkSpawnClone2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

im the same way to i wanted a wii for the longest time and i never got one and i was going to get it before they showed it and then BAM(there it is) PS Move as soon as i seen that,i decided not to get a wii,I'm going to get the move bungle in sept. :P for get about the wii.I'm not getting a wii just cause of mario lol(not hating on Mario i love the guy but i have played Mario from the nes days,some thing new please :D)

stuna12792d ago

People actually buying said products before actual release at retailer cost, and then being notified once the products reach retailers. I for one am one such customer (Sort of like a rain check) if you will.

gamingisnotacrime2792d ago

even hard cold facts are blur in N4G air, by the gods we need kratos to kick some a$s around here

hoops2792d ago

Ha Ha. You get disagrees and bubbled down for stating the truth. Opps, I forgot...this is N4G.COM and stating the truth even if it takes a jab at Sony in any negative fashion will get you disagrees LOL

Optical_Matrix2791d ago

Lol why is T9X69 getting disagrees...pre-orders=/=sales . Those people can easily cancel pre-order if they want to so PS Move isn't "selling" well just yet. It's just got high pre-orders. At least change the article title.

Ares84PS32791d ago

It's not out yet, how can it sell well?? Pre-orders must be high but as of right now a single one haven't been sold. So selling 0 is selling well?? wow.

himdeel2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

...I don't expect the Move price to drop. So I'm pre-ordering the Move and will be an early adopter of the device. That being said I'm still on the fence about it BUT having a bundle with the eye is what's pushing me over right now.

Likewise the prospective of playing Socom 4 and other traditional games with it is intriguing. I think it also helps that no one in my home is interested in or old enough to ask for a Wii so the Move will be my family's motion control gaming device.

Tomdc2791d ago

preorder = sale.

don't be pedantic.

himdeel2791d ago

...Preorder does mean sale because even if you preorder through Amazon they've place an order for that product. Someone has paid for the product prior to your purchase. I don't know why I didn't see it this way a year ago...oh well.

Old Greg2791d ago

At this rate, it could even outsell the PSP!
Sony should feel very accomplished. :)

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The_Zeitgeist2792d ago

I've got my pre-order started at already. I'm just going to pay it off $20 bucks a week at GameStop.

The_Zeitgeist2792d ago

Yup. I know. And you have the best avatar on the site sir.

Bobbykotickrulesz2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

*cough* I beg to differ.

My avatar is pretty fucking awesome.

Natsu X FairyTail2792d ago

Selling well eh? it's already out? smh

AssassinHD2791d ago

A pre-order does not equate to a sale. Not with any stretch of the imagination. People cancel pre-orders all the time.

Omega42792d ago

Sorry but this is beyond lame and fake. Blue Dragon is ranked higher wheres that article?

Toysrus is one shop not retailer(s) so remove the S.

Tony-A2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yet when Kinect had a similar article...

"When Kinect releases so many haters will be silenced. People obviously can't see the decrease in Wii sales, people obviously want something different now and its the perfect time for MS to strike.

Kinect will be huge there's no doubt in that."

Yes, folks... This guy wrote that.

FYI, Omega. Toys R' Us is a retailer. They have more than one shop.

RememberThe3572792d ago

This is N4G. Members approve the news they want to hear.

Old Greg2791d ago

Its all user submitted/approved BS.

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