GamesRadar: Homefront Brings the Reality of War to Our Doorstep

It’s obvious that both time and effort have been lavished on gameplay and concept. Most shooters sit you down and ask you to blast away “er, just because, dude!” Not Homefront. This game has an in-depth timeline that runs from present day to 2027, detailing the events that lead to Korea becoming an aggressive super-power and invading a weakened United States.

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dizzleK3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

it has an interesting plot, interesting concept, a real story, a message and emotion.

it'll sell like ass, sad to say. "gamers" want generic frag-fest #763. look at the excitement over MoH, it doesn't get any more generic than that.

ninpo143082d ago

little kids seem to only be interested with shooting other little kids for no reason