The man with the hammer is back again: no bans but price

It has started... The 360 pricdrop is here. In The Netherlands at the largest consumer electronic store MediaMarkt the pricedrop has been confirmed.

All 360 packs, Core, Premium and Supersize package (goodies deal) are down 50 Euro. Elite is not out yet, but is expected to start at 399 to 429 Euro.

Pictures, taken today are inside

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predator3763d ago

looks like Europe is getting it cut to on all models

sjappie3763d ago

Are they on sale today already?

nasim3763d ago

In eu and japan x360 is already dead.

It is the least selling console there.

IN USA too it wont help .

after the price cut ps3 has overtaken x360 in sales all over the world including NA.

It will only get better for ps3 with time.

even at 350$ no one would be buying the console

uxo223763d ago

You sound like a DRONE, some old line from the same people. Guys like you are the reason there is never any peace or harmony on this site. Please give it a rest. You obviously work on wall street at one of the top economic analysis firms in the world.

Cause you're making claims that your minimum wage wallet couldn't possible support.

Don't mean to bash, I'm just sick of people talking a perfectly quiet post and turning it into a flamewar to wild unsupported statements like yours.

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Tempo3763d ago

nice to see it will make it across the pond as well.

Bloodmask3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

This will make the 360 the same price as the Wii,$250. It will give consumers a lot to think about.

I would say pricepoint is the most important factor to a lot of consumers. Seeing as how the Wii has been flying off shelves.

cr33ping_death3763d ago

without an hdd that $250 360 will be they might as well add a hundred to that price drop and say $350 for the core plus hdd.

power of Green 3763d ago

Its crap in your head but still saves the consumer looking for a break some money. lol

Daewoodrow3763d ago

well, at least that gives a nod to the price cut being in Europe too.
Perhaps it will come to the UK afterall.

VirusE3763d ago

This is a smart move by MS in my opinion. A premium is now 150 bucks cheaper than a 60 gig ps3! ouch The elite is 150 cheaper than the 80 gig plus it comes with a headset and an hdmi cable unlike the ps3.

Azures3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

80 gig does come with a game ya know :p

Just making sure that info is out there.

VirusE3763d ago

Good point but it is still a huge price difference and i plus many others dont like having games picked for me (what if you dont like racing games). Please don’t take my comments as fanboy comments, I own a ps3 that i love to death and I feel that the price is worth what you get but it is expensive by most people’s standards.

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The story is too old to be commented.