Coming Tomorrow to PSN: Family Feud for PS3

Playstation Blog: This week, Ludia is excited to invite you to play Family Feud on your PlayStation 3! Based on the hit TV game show that’s been on the air for over three decades, our Family Feud game features all the favorite elements of the game as played on television.

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Donny2932d ago

miss the old school host, the one with the funny voice.

Jamegohanssj52932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )


I may have to purchase this before I leave.


Briefcase Joe2932d ago

Where you going?


HolyOrangeCows2932d ago

I love the show, but I doubt it makes for a good video game.

And I think the new host is great, but Louie was awesome, too.

T9X692932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

$10? No thanks, I can play this same game online for free, I'll stick to buying PSN Exlusives that can't be played online for free.

EDIT: I can connect my computer to my TV.....

2932d ago
JasonXE2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Microsoft missed the ball on this one. I been saying for AGES when they launched 1 vs 100 that they need to also bring out Family Feud to Xbox LIVE Primetime. You know how much fun that would have been to start up a team and take it online against other teams/families LIVE? smh

By the looks of this trailer, this game is nothing special. And its $10? Sony could have easily made this their take on LIVE's primetime scheduling and made this game a live event type of thing with a real live host. Win prizes and more from the PS Store. Sony also dropped the ball on this one. Shame this game show has to go to waste.

Microsoft should bring more game shows to Primetime. 1 vs 100 is cool and all but there can be so much more.

Blaze9292932d ago

That would've been awesome if Sony did that with this game. 1 vs 100 is purely amazing when the season is on. Speaking of, know when it's coming back? The live events are fantastic with the real host and special guest that participate.

Omegasyde2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Home has community even with quiz shows, Here is a link.

The PS3 also has Buzz the game with buzzers, and you can take that online. Its actually quite fun and there is alot of DLC for it. Its nowhere in scale of 1 vs 100 however.

pixelsword2932d ago

@ JasonXE

I don't know if Microsoft could have done Family Feud because of their connections with NBC.

Playerz82932d ago

Like I said on the blog, this game looks like a turd.

But at least it looks better than Crackdown 2.=)

peeps2932d ago

or family fortunes if your from the uk lol

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