Gran Turismo 5 Must Be The Best Simulator Of All Time

Given the immense amount of hype and the lofty expectations that couldn't get any higher, Polyphony now finds themselves in an unenviable position: GT5 must end up being the greatest, or be considered a failure.

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CrAnKiTuP_013061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Gran Turismo as we all know is going to be SICK, but 5 years in waiting and people are gonna start having those types of thoughts. "This game better be the best racing sim EVER or it fails."
I actually try to keep those types of thoughts away, so they don't get in the way when I play this masterpiece along with the other millions of people. I don't want to try and nitpick a game, just because it's development time was 5 years. It'd ruin the experience, though I don't doubt Gran Turismo 5 will be the best driving sim ever. Gran Turismo has always been that and Gran Turismo 5 will be no different. GT FTW

PoSTedUP3061d ago

polyphony digital + 5 years... enough said.

i am expecting/ looking forward to great graphics, excellent/ realistic physics especially in the dirt, snow ice and rain tracks, 1000+ cars. and i am sure they will exceed my expectations with some decent online and other features. when i say this, i speak for most GT fans because this is what we want, another great gran turismo game from polyphony digital.

thewrathman3061d ago

it must be very frustrating for imagine in the first year they were like htf are we supposed to dev on this they throw down the tracks and say gud job.3 years later they say 'oh yeah baby got the hang of this sh1t now'.then they think 'might go back and redo the tracks'

and at one point the cars would have look so realistic.but it made the tracks look like sh1t.

5 years of goin back and forth to make it look right.FRUSTRATING.i bet some of them will be glad to see it finished.

at least thats wot i think.

premium cars free or discounted as DLC to psn+ subscribers i bet.

hennessey863061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

3 being my favourite. from what ive seen it does look great but for a game thats been in development for 5 years the engine noises are woeful and so are the tyre noises. if they can get the graphics looking that good and you have blu rays space so no compressed sound why do the cars not sound right forza engine noises are spot on. i still cant wait for this game though the top gear track is worth the purchase alone. i

Commander_TK3060d ago

It has taken them too long

bnaked3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Just look at the infos and the features, and you know that GT5 will be the best racing game of all time. Without a doubt..

iPad3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Gran Turismo 4 was released 5 years later after Gran Turismo 3 and it still sold 10 million even when people were confused since the PS3 was gonna release that same year.

And since every Gran Turismo released first on any system sells more than the sequel, I wouldn't be surprised if Gran Turismo 5 passes the 16 million mark. With the addition of 3D, Head Tracking, NASCAR, and even the Top Gear Track and many, many more. Did you know that Europeans are gonna buy GT5 just because it has the Top Gear Test Track? I wouldn't be surprised if Americans would do the same since GT5 has NASCAR.

etownone3061d ago

GT 5 reaching the 16 million mark in sales?

You do know that when GT4 released there was over 100 million PS2's sold.

I think you should be happy If it reaches the 5 million mark. Times have changed. Competitive online FPS games are dominating sales this gen.

I'll call it right now .... COD Black Ops on PS3 will sell more then GT5.
Anyone wanna take that bet?

rockleex3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

There wasn't even a fraction of 100 million PS2's sold, and yet it still outsold GT4 by 4-5 million?

You do know that although FPS are more popular this gen, they still couldn't outsell any of these games on a single platform?

1. Wii Play (Wii – 27.38 million, Wii remote bundled with all copies)[68]
2. Nintendogs (DS – 23.26 million, all five versions combined)[68]
3. Wii Fit (Wii – 22.61 million)[68]
4. Mario Kart Wii (Wii – 22.55 million)[68]
5. New Super Mario Bros. (DS – 22.49 million)[68]
6. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green (Game Boy – 20.08 million approximately: 10.23 million in Japan,[48] 9.85 million in US)[19]
7. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS – 18.72 million)[68]
8. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES – 18 million)[97]
9. Mario Kart DS (DS – 17.90 million)[68]
10. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (DS – 17.39 million)[78]
11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 - 17.33 million)[104]
12. Wii Sports Resort (Wii – 16.14 million)[68]
13. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PS2 – 14.89 million shipped)[93]
14. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii – 14.70 million)[68]
15. Pokémon Gold and Silver (Game Boy Color – 14.51 million approximately: 7.6 million in US,[19] 6.91 million in Japan)[48]
16. Super Mario Land (Game Boy – 14 million)[97]
17. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day! (DS – 13.71 million)[69]
18. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (GBA – 13 million)[77]
19. Wii Fit Plus (Wii – 12.65 million)[68]
20. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (GBA – 11.82 million)[78]

Donny3061d ago

comments do not to it justice. it must be expierienced.

ji32003061d ago

THEY BETTER NOT CANCELL THE TRACK EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Foliage3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Oh please, this is the paid off 360 media starting their spin early.

They are trying to make a case that Gran Turismo 5 is by far the greatest racer of all time, but it might not meet expectations.

I'll predict it now, despite being far and away the best game, half the media (THOSE guys) will give it a lower score than Forza, because it didn't match expectations...


So predictable.

This is like that time Ratchet lost points for having too many weapons.... wtf?

raztad3061d ago

Get ready for the nitpicking. GT5 reviews are gonna be fun.

I easily can foresee someone coming with something like "GT5 is too detailed". LOL

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yoghurt3061d ago

And I'm sure there will be many a online media blog/site/something that will find something, anything to try and claim it is that failure

Tony-A3061d ago

This article is brought to you by:

Captain Obvious. Bringing you what you knew, as if you never knew.

haha, jk ;)

Apocalypse Shadow3061d ago

no other console racer has that dedicated team that is willing to push the limits on graphics,features and content.while there are other developers willing to just create "madden updates",polyphony could be classed a a scientific'ld think they would be going to Mars with that much perfectionism.

when you got car manufactures,race car drivers,gamers,magazines,car shows,etc waiting on your game,you know you got "the touch."

1080p/60fps/16 cars on the road/1,000 cars/too many features to mention.

[email protected] near close.......

Scotracer3061d ago

And it's NOT GOING TO BE. It will never compare with the PC sims on the realism front. Sure, it'll be the prettiest and the biggest but not the most realistic. Go play netKar Pro or iRacing and come back and write that article.

SoapShoes3061d ago

I wouldn't say it is far off though, but we don't know yet. The crash physics might not be as realistic as PC sims, but seeing how they redid the physics after Prologue, it will probably have very realistic physics.

Lionhead3061d ago

Wow Scotracer!

I didn't know you played the game! Let me borrow your copy please!!

soxfan20053061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

His response is no different from the dozens of GT5 supporters here - who also haven't played the game yet - declaring it the best racing game ever made.

Narutone663061d ago

like the other developer who kept on boasting that their game is the definitive racing sim.

Rhythmattic3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )


"Go play netKar Pro or iRacing and come back and write that article." (Add) when the Gt5 retail version has been released and out of development stage....

No one really knows as yet.

If the advantage a PC has is its graphic cards, and you actually state GT5 is the prettiest, what makes you honestly believe the SPU's dont add to the realism such as the physic's ? Weather... Day Cycles... ?

I'm not disagreeing, just saying, dont make assumptions.

EDIT: Out of bubs..

Well there you go, for me it a difference of opinion, Forza 3 is just, well, crap.. (Yes I own a 360) iFactor does rock... very good sim.

So i'm guessing you Played GT5P on a friends PS3 and not your own ?

Because if you did, you missed out on the time trails demo of GT that employs the new Physics engine.....

Scotracer3061d ago

The power alone doesn't make something realistic, it's all about the coding algorithms and how they actually model it to recreate reality. After playing the HELL out of GT5P I was wholly disappointed with the physics of many of the cars (the F1 car for instance highlighted the physics engines' poor aerodynamic algorithm). I just don't see it happening - all GT games up until now have been fun games but no one who's actually raced a car on a track (and I have) would say they were realistic.

I'm waiting to be pleasantly surprised, though. I've been playing iRacing and rFactor for weeks now and I went back to play Forza 3 (the current benchmark for console sims) and the difference really is night and day.

SoapShoes3061d ago

GT5 Prologue is using an old physics engine... Even the time trial demo had physics far beyond Prologue and that was unfinished.

Gran Touring3061d ago


I have tremendous respect for PC racing simulators including iRacing, rFactor and Live4Speed. As it stands they are the most accurate simulators; I know iRacing uses proprietary laser mapping technology for their race tracks and extensive calculations for physical and inertial properties for every part of every car. Not gonna contest that.

GT5 has a lot to live up to, and while it's not perfect, neither are those PC driving sims either. But when you compare the sum of its parts, GT5 will stand alone , on a level much higher than that of its competition.

EXID3061d ago

explain how you apparently KNOW this isn't going to be the best racing sim if you haven't played it yet. i gotta know.

Steve_03061d ago

First off, neither of us know how it'll turn out, dont pass it off so easily just yet. I'll agree that most should expect an online PC service like iRacing to be more serious, if not only for the cost, which is considerably higher than GT5 even forgetting about the cost of a decent PC with either a good CPU or PHYSX card to run those physics. But, you need to remember that Polyphony are very enthusiastic about cars, and probably the hardest working devs out there, They're not only respected in the computer entertainment industry but also the motoring industry, and have very close ties with car manufacturers around the globe. They are incredibly passonate about cars and you can see the blood and sweat poured into their titles. They work with manufacturers on concept cars and have even designed the dash and electronics (I believe) of the NIssan GTR, they've got a garage on the roof of their studio with cars worth millions and they drive them. This is no half a**ed attempt to pass off a pretty look alike for a dime.
I could say a lot more, but I'll try to cut it a little short. Kaz and Polyphony have put their soul into this "game", and are really pushing the envelope in not only tech and creativity in terms of console software, but also into reaching the masses with a driving simulator.
There's a very good reason why Polyphony's software has sold over 50 million copies compared to iRacing's 30,000 subscriptions, and while sales does not equal quality, the point is they've managed to break through to a huge audience with a racing game not designed to be as fast and flash and arcadey as possible, but to be the closest representation of driving not only the car you may want, but the one parked in your garage. And that's a hell of an achievement.

Oner3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Um...Yeah...Oookaaay Scotracer.....Like the realism, accuracy, graphics and physics are SOOO GREAT in these ~

Rfactor ~

iRacing ~

netKar Pro ~

Sorry but there are issue with them all. Personally I like the PHYSICS/DRIVING "feel" and graphics of the latest GT Academy Trial Contest over all others, but that is a PREFERENCE not a fact.

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