Crackdown 2 - First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Eurogamer shows off the first 15 Minutes of Crackdown 2!

Taking the fight to Pacific City.

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mrv3213082d ago

Ok, judging by the amount of times this happens in video games I should invent a way to test systems without a simple test like looking at lights.

I hate these intros... they are not at all imaginative, what you just wake up standing up?

Here's an idea, you just finished the cloning process and standing around you are several Doctors then two cell members burst in you and kill the medical officers, one of the cell members realise your there and walks accross to shoot you so you 'CQC' which teaches you about CQC, you pick his gun up and proceed to shoot the other guy which teaches you about CQC. As you leave you find a locked door so you must BI-PASS it,you make it to the armoury and pick up your suit and HUD. You discover some explosives in facility and you hijack a car and must rush through the car park and out of the building, teaching you about driving, you are presented with a collapsing building and many Cell members outside which you must fight off.

tinybigman3082d ago

even though i loved the first game and the way it looked; part 2 graphics are extremely disappointing to me. why would they go backwards instead of going forwards with it?

Army_of_Darkness3082d ago

Is this game a direct port from the N64 version?! such Crappy embaressing graphics for an excluisve game. Hell! even I think the 360 deserve better than this sh1t!

Jazz41083082d ago

@ army ...reading your past comments you have sonys balz in your hand why should I listen to anything you have to say if I want a non biased opinion.

Army_of_Darkness3082d ago

Just speaking the truth man! your telling me when the car hit the dude it didn't sound like he crashed into a garbage can!?!? LOL! this exclusive is a dissapointment and you know it!!

also, if I was biased, I wouldn't have said that I wanted alan wake and Gears1-2-3 on the 360 now would I?!?
point being, I compliement anything that deserves it, otherwise I will bash it Non-stop!
like this game, kinect & the shoddy port of Red dead for the PS3.

But if you don't like my opinion on this game, then buy it and you'll see what I mean:)

Horny3081d ago

I havent played the first one but this video actually made the game seem interesting to me, just looks like fun nothing spectacular. I agree on the graphics though,they are bad for a game released in 2010.

Natsu X FairyTail3082d ago


smh Illuminati is EVERYWHERE nowadays.

RyuDrinksTheDew3082d ago

thats what ive been saying!

MariaHelFutura3082d ago

They`ve always been everywhere. Shining their illumination all over us.

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DelbertGrady3082d ago

Seems to be a ton of avatar awards. Red Dead edemption had a fair share as well. New trend perhaps?

Not watching more of the video though, want to wait and play it myself. Only 4 days to go :)

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The story is too old to be commented.