Kitguru: Crackdown 2 Review

Kitguru: Crackdown was one of those titles that received little to no hype and when it was released I remember being stunned at how damn good it was to play – it was the true definition of a sleeper hit. I think I had more fun with it than I did with Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which is saying something. When my copy of Crackdown 2 arrived, I could barely contain my excitement.

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SupeerSteebbi3084d ago ShowReplies(4)
dizzleK3084d ago

i haven't played the game except for the demo but what amounts to a 30% out of 100% is fu*king ridiculous for this game. most of the complaints he has were the same things featured in crackdown 1, which he claimed to love. this review is just garbage.

36T3084d ago

Same. Whoever wrote this review will never be taken seriously. That's the last time i visit anything that comes from "Kitguru". Sad. lol

hybridtheory123084d ago

because it gave a 360 game a bad review? Wow. Whether u like it or not, the sites still there...

krisprolls3084d ago

Ouch, 1.5 seems too low in my book, even if the game is average...

I think even Too Human got better ratings.

Nike3084d ago

I think some sites have begun to realize that unless you follow Destructoid's route for controversial review scores, you won't get "noticed". But that's like the four film makers on Cannibal Holocaust burning down a village, gang raping a girl and impaling her on a pole for the sake of a television ratings and controversy.

Seriously, that controversy sword will more often than not come back to hurt you.

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The story is too old to be commented.