Monday Musings: In Homage To The Fanboy

Default Prime: "It’s hard to cast a wandering eye across a forum, blog or the endless scroll of Youtube comments accompanying the latest snippet of gameplay footage from the next hype churning blockbuster, without noticing a torrent of overtly biased, and quite often, an amusingly inflated degree of one sided fanaticism. Yep, as gamers we all know at least one, or whether we ashamedly admit or not, we may well be one of these strange creatures ourselves, none other than the all-knowing, opinion spamming fountain of knowledge we’ve come to affectionately call the ‘fanboy’."

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arakouftaian3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

an getting the games i love plus new amazing games made a fanboy call me that but im a gamer and for me the best games are on the ps3.

the Killzones
the God of Wars
the Motor Storms
the Icos
the Socoms
the Uncharteds
the inFAMOUS's
the Gran Turismos
the Resistances
and many others are amazing ps only experience.
and when a stupid fanboy troll about them takings bs
im here to tell the stfu when i have time.

if thats been a fanboy, call me fanboy .
but im a gamer that just took the right decision
and i never said or think,'' why i did not got a xbox ''
ps3 games are amazing .

edith, oh we got a fanboy talking bs under me, dizzdek i nerver said nothing bad about anything i just said im glad i got the ps3 and i have enjoy many of the exclusive games
and is stupid when a fanboy talk bs about them giving fake info or just trolling talking bs about a good game stfu better and enjoy your games.
im sure you have save money to buy a ps3 since you get to only buy one or two games
a year, this's my fanboy answer

dizzleK3060d ago

the sony deep throaters are out in full force today. they really are the worst fanboys ever. they've all got "little man with something to prove" syndrome.

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an article like this was posted last week.