DFC: Competition Breathing Down Neck of 360

During the first half of 2007, Microsoft's Xbox 360 shipped only a bit over 1 million units compared to 6 million Wiis and 4 million PS3s. As DFC says, the competition is breathing down 360's neck and Microsoft needs to really step it up in second half of this year. More within...

DFC Intelligence often releases forecasts in multiple scenarios that account for different factors such as price decreases, new products and form factors, and other determinants that can cause a significant change in the marketplace. So far in 2007 it is safe to say that the market has followed what we called the Nintendo Best Case Scenario. More specifically:

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ben hates you3921d ago

remember that, and microsoft probley had tons of 360s in storage at these stores heck best buy had a stack of at least thirt last time i went

marinelife93921d ago

Im a PS3 owner but still the 360 numbers for the first half don't mean anything until you factor in a price cut and the Halo 3 release. If they still aren't moving units after that then MS has a problem.

Odion3921d ago

that statement is wrong kinda, and I a sorry for pointing this out guys, but the PS3 hasn't sold 4 million units, in the first half of 2007, its not possible to be selling the least on a month by month status and then sell the second most.

Bordel_19003921d ago

It's shipped, not sold. Also, world wide, not us only.

PS3 has been selling better than the X360 everywhere but US and UK.

Total sales have been higher for the PS3 the first six months of 2007 compared to the X360. Also, remember the PS3 launched in Europe in march.

Skynetone3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

4 mil sold is correct

1 million for 360 in six mounths is sad

razer3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

had supply constraints that effected it's first 6 months of sales. People were camped out all the time trying to get one. The PS3 I was able to find everywhere and even on launch day.

EDIT: If you're going to disagree tell me why?? I can post a ton of articles about 360 shortages.. And I can paste pictures of PS3 launch day with boxes stacked up. Are people disagreeing just to be aholes?

Bloodmask3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

This Holiday season is crucial for all the consoles. Obviously all sales will pick up.

I think it is highly possible Wii could take the lead. Only bc the casual games market is huge and the Wii pricepoint is at a mass market $250.

Microsoft will see a huge sales boost bc of Halo3. After all it does have millions of preorders. Plus all their heavy hitters are coming in the coming months. The $50 price cut will also place 360 at the same mass market $250 price.

PS3 will see an increase bc of a lot of games being released also. but to overtake Wii and 360 their sales would have to about triple the competition and realisticly I don't see that happening. Plus it will be roughly double the price of the competition.

Right now the install base is 360, Wii, PS3.

Possible scenario Wii,360, PS3......

I predict it will most likely stay the same until after Christmas.

Bordel_19003921d ago

I predict already in october: Wii, X360, PS3

Art of Motion3921d ago

NO. Once again your living in a dream world. They keep breaking down = no one wants one!!!! ok. The 360 is built like an iraqi tank. Its good for a couple of weeks then it breaks down. I couldnt care what bulls*it comes out your mouth, i just laugh

It has and will work like this.

Ps1 won 5th gen
Ps2 won 6th gen
ps3 will win 7th gen

The 360 is like a teenage phase, let it pass. Its going to be over soon


RyuCloudStrife3921d ago

I my opinion there is no doubt that the Wii will lead the market but I know the PS3 is coming from behind like a crazy devil, the 360 to me will 3rd place, to me it has alot of issues

Captain Tuttle3921d ago

Competition is good for consumers. Light a fire under Microsoft's ass!

Bloodmask3921d ago

Someone disagrees with competition being good. Perhaps they prefer monopolies or communism?

Captain Tuttle3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Or they're a fanboy/girl.