Bobby Kotick not a fan of Xbox Live

Bobby Kotick sure loves his money. In an interview with the Financial Times, the head of Activison expressed his dislike of Xbox Live..

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HammockGames3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Scrooge [email protected] needs to dive back in his vault and shut the bloody hell up.

drdistracto7073086d ago

its the sound of stock prices dropping

BakedGoods3086d ago

...he doesn't like LIVE, he isn't making money from it.

Even though we're paying $60 for LIVE MS still nickels and dimes us for themes, avatar items and micro-DLC. Imagine if Activision got a hold of this model, they'd be charging us for perk-access, prestiging AND have monthly fees!

Compared to B-Kot, MS is the lesser of two evils.

WildArmed3086d ago

because the money ain't going to him.
He'd open up Activision Online if they let him and charge 100$ per year to play call of duty

jjohan353086d ago

The real reason why he isn't a fan of Xbox Live is because he knows COD won't sell well if he requires paid subscription to play Call of Duty on top of Xbox Live subscription. Greedy asshole.

animboo3086d ago

smack talking of greenberg and bobby kotick, i actually prefer aaron over bobby. atleast his just insulting sony while this guy is literally trying to destroy gaming.

Conloles3086d ago

Yeah hes just jealous he didn't think of the idea, oh well I'm sure it won't stop him with CoD subscription he plans.

zag3086d ago

I think this whole thing is taken out of context.

Really what he is saying is that 60% of MS's XBox Live revenue is coming from one of our games.

So if we wanted to add further DLC, features etc. we can't because we don't own or get any money etc doing anything for free on the XBox Live service which 60% of their customers are playing.

Which is a good point, as people are paying MS $50+ a month to simply be able to play someone else's game online. which on some platforms you can do so for free, namely PC.

I don't see this as being XBox Live sucks, more a case of... as a 3rd party they might be able to offer their customers more things or services but can't as they don't get any on-going money to do anything more than what is already offered.

Which will become a sticking point with 3rd parties on XBox Live as MS will be pulling in millions a month but all the products are 3rd party made so should MS be getting all the money or should they be putting out some or all that money to the 3rd parties that make their content for them.

TheBuIIetSponge3086d ago

Are you kidding me? 60% of Xbox Live users are not because of Call of Duty. Most people got an Xbox for Halo in the first place and it is still #2 on the most played list, even with its age. With a new Halo coming I could see Call of Duty loosing its spot. Activision should just make their own console and STFU.

animboo3086d ago

not a fan of anything but money imho..

Lich1203086d ago


I was thinking the same thing. I played CoD online for a bit, but I sure as hell didn't buy xbox live for it. I got it so that I could play any game online.

I really hate this guy. That smug ass grin makes me want to never buy an activision product again. Which, wouldn't be hard if it weren't for Blizzard.

Theonik3085d ago

I really don't see why you get all those disagrees. You're exactly right.

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Army_of_Darkness3086d ago

"We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live"

He's upset because the other thousands of MW2 owners didn't want to pay for live... which means they(activ) can't sell their DLC.
what a selfish Cuunt!

mantisimo3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

.....LMFAO at all this Bobby love.
Bubbles to everyone who has called him a cunt, gay buttsex loving biatch, greedy cock sucking motherfucker.

Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa never in all my days have I seen so many expletives in one thread without them all being banned for trolling.

I am truly crying with laughter. love to you all!

Oh and heres my new name for him " Bobby Kocktickler" (in some parts of England a Bob or Bobby is a perochial name for a shit) eg "I'm on the toilet doing a bob" which makes it even funnier. Ha ha haaaaaa.

Oh man ha ha ............ha.

Ok I'm done

HAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

EDIT I read a lot further down but posted here keep reading Ha HA HA AAAAAAaaaaa.

King_many_layers3086d ago

SURELY we live in a time where Homosexuality is no longer reasonable in terms of insult... do you have anything against Gay people ??

mantisimo3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

@ king many layers.

ACTUALLY I just lost and buried my very best friend of 20 years to cancer, he was gay and I loved him.

He would have laughed his sweet little gay ass off as well, real gay people dont give a damn what people say (nor would he want anyone defending his sexuality but himself).

I wasn't laughing at gay people I was laughing at any of the profanities and passion this posting has caused.

Indeed I also used the words Cunt and Motherfucker neither of which are associated with gay people, or am I missing something?

Please get off your soap box with your "in this day and age" we dealt with all this pre 1980's.

Gay people are cool and as an actor I see, associate and party with gay people every day of my life and none of them come across the kind of bigoted anti-homosexual superiority you are alluding to, or indeed presumed I meant with my above comments.

That's not to say it doesn't happen but certainly NOT from me, or, to those I meet daily that are openly gay.

Oh and why the double question mark at the end of your comment? Was this for emphasis or purely born of ignorance?

Right off to choose a new buttplug for Booby Kocktickler ;)

Horny3086d ago

watch this ginger retard make a console next gen just so he can charge out the ass for everything.

Dusdg3086d ago

Not to derail the thread but we do live in a time where being gay is frowned at. I know its not the PC thing to say but its true. I have no problem with people being gay but that does not mean most people do not. All we can do is ignore it and hope for a better tomorrow.

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blackbeld3086d ago

Hahahaha indeed Bobby Kotick is a big A S S B I T C H

CrAnKiTuP_013086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I'd guess he's crying since he can't charge for their network in addition to Xbox Live as they would lose some people because of that or since people have to pay twice anyways leaving Silver members with no overpriced DLC. Either way he's a little bitch.

Edit: Read it and yup. He's a selfish greedy little cunt.

rekonizakilla3086d ago

"We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live, but it’s not our network.”

So why is this "value" not available on other platforms with free networks? u know, like bbc iplayer is to ps3 and wii?

Does that mean he wants to charge us to play online but can't because ms take care of their own network. Anyway, fuk Bobby K and Fuk cod

SixTwoTwo3086d ago

He says that, from what he's heard, the reason so many people are subscribing to XBL and paying $50 a year is because of Call of Duty. What he's hinting at is that he wants those subscribers paying Activision rather than Microsoft.

caladbolg7773086d ago

Paying for XBOX Live is a scam. You'd think this guy could appreciate a good scam.

TEFL0N_D0N_813086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Your mother not paying for your abortion was also a scam. What kind of a stupid irrelevant comment was that?

caladbolg7773086d ago

Struck a nerve, I guess, if you must resort to personal attacks. :)

And not even funny? Fo'shame.

SixZeroFour3086d ago actual thread where everyone agrees with each other...BUBBLES ALL ROUND :)

SOAD3086d ago

Live doesn't cost 60 bucks. It costs 35.

1Victor3086d ago

He's just jealous that he didn't thought about charging to play online first

evilmonkey5013086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

The ONLY reason they (Activision) haven't started charging YET for Call Of Duty online is because of Live. That's why. They cant charge only PSN users, because that would hurt their sales on that system and they cant charge Live users additional fees, because it would lower the sales of their games on that system as well. If live was free, Activision would charge 12 dollars a month for COD AND host the servers for both systems.

DigitalAnalog3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

But the fact that Microsoft charges to piss off Bobby Kotick is FULL WORTH THE PRICE!

-End statement

hassi943086d ago

And he probably wants to start charging for every Call of Duty game to play on line. $50 an hour sound fair? Does to Kotick. C 0 C K!

vhero3086d ago

The problem with live is simple devs want to release games players can get the "full experience" from however thanks to live charging you to play online. Some people refuse to pay for Gold subscription so gamers don't get play online. Also those people who don't buy xbox live gold will not buy online map packs. So therefore Map packs etc.. will sell better on PS3 as every console can play online for free. He cares about money and when MS are costing him money by stopping nearly half there users to stop buying his expansion packs he is gonna be unhappy.

theEx1Le3086d ago

"the full experience" you talk about though would cost far more than live if it was left up to activision

II Necroplasm II3086d ago

Bobby Kotick, if you was to die tomorrow, what would your money do for you?

outrageous3086d ago

This is not the best way to try to reach a deal with a company like M$, let alone Steve Ballmer. Trying to embarrass a company that could potentially swallow you whole is a dangerous game.

Kotick wants to go on line and charge MW2 and all COD gamers a monthly fee to play on line. M$ OWNS XBL and will never let anyone run an operation like that on XBL but M$ themselves. Kotick has decided to go public with his beef. I don't think M$ will take to kindly to Koticks mafia shakedown strategy. This will get ugly. M$ just signed a 3 year exclusive content with Activision.

Kotick pulled this move with Sony a while back, threatening to pull Activision games because the price of PS3 was to high. Telling the world that Activision pays Sony 1 BILLION is royalty fees. M$ is far better off than Sony was at the time. M$ will have something to say about all this.

Christopher3086d ago

Seriously people... he didn't say anything the title mentioned him as saying.

He would like to make more money, but he's not at all unhappy with the sales of his game on the system and is more than happy enough to be limited as long as people keep buying his games in the quantities that they do.

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cobraagent3086d ago

should keep his mouth shut. Every time he opens it he becomes more and more hated
"We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live, but it’s not our network"
I wonder what his definition of value is

hassi943086d ago

Who unite everyone on N4G in hatred against them together, Bobby is one of those people. Here only a minority is still making fanboy comments while 99% of us are sharing and building our hatred of Kotick.

Uhh I just hate him.

swiftshot933086d ago

God damn him and CoD. Hopefully Reach or Medal of Honor can take CoD out of business.

newhumanbreed3086d ago

Reach most likely will, but Medal of Honor is a lost hope for the 360.

Spenok3086d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble, but CoD is just to big of a franchise to go out of business. Its just not going to happen.

RememberThe3573086d ago

Too big to fail is a false primes. All dynasties fall. Call of Duty will have it's day. But it will be at the hands of it's creators, now at Respawn.

bioshock12213086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

So he basically wants more money from Xbox live gamers I wouldn't be surprised to see a COD subscription based game on the way soon like the rumors have been saying.

"We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live" then how about lowering those map packs to a more reasonable price like $10 then over charging for them like they are doing right now.