Bleszinski “We do have plans” for Gears 3 DLC

This ranks 150 percent on the revelationometer: Epic’s planning DLC for Gears of War 3.

But speaking to EGTV, Epic design chief Cliff Bleszinski wouldn’t go into any specifics.

“Well, we do have plans for DLC,” said Bleszinski, “but we’re not really talking about it. We’re still trying to figure out what it is.”

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xYLeinen3085d ago

This is the game I would give up my PS3 for.. Enjoyed the heck out of the first one.

Carlton Banks3085d ago

I wish they would at least wait until after the game is released to announce dlc

swiftshot933085d ago

This game looks amazing. It had such a better showing than Reach at E3 IMO.

Bumpmapping3085d ago

1st gears was great second took a dump on all things that made the first great mostly in the MP.