Wii leads over PS3, Xbox 360 at Amazon

This week, Wii ranked as #1 best selling item at Amazon's Computer & Video Games division. Other Wii titles in the top ten include Wii Play, the Wii Remote and the Wii Nunchuk.

Sony's 60GB PS3 ranked #2. Additonally, the wireless Sixaxis controller ranked at #7.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite ranked #22 on the charts. The 479$ deluxe edition held an in stock as of Tues. morning and performed better than the Xbox 360 Premium console, which ranked in at #30.

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nasim3950d ago

wii is at no 1.

ps3 at no 2

x360---the overheated trash console at no 21


wii>ps3>>>>> ;>>>>x360.

x360 is now dead in NA as well

WaggleLOL3950d ago

"x360 is now dead in NA as well"

Outside of existing diehard Xbox fanboys, who the hell wants:

* The worst console hardware ever made with its 30-40 percent failure rate
* Spending weeks or months waiting around for your console to come back from its latest RRoR repair?
* A console that scratches or destroys your discs?
* A console that is louder than any other console ever made thanks to the crappy 12x DVD drive and poor cooling system?
* A console where you are forced to pay 50 dollars every year just to be given the privilege to play games online?
* A console where you end up spending 250 dollars extra over the life of the system in online charges?
* A console that has laggy p2p networking for games even though you are paying money to play online?
* A console with joke backwards compatibility?
* A console with last gen looking graphics with games like Halo 3 and Forza 2?
* A console that you don't know if Microsoft is going to pull the plug on the system at any moment due to their incompetence leading to billions in losses like they did with the first Xbox?

Microsoft should be thankful that there are around 10-15 million people in the US who are willing to waste their gaming lives with such a POS system.

SorenK3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

The problem with this statistic is that we dont know what the 22nd and 30th spot combined equals.

For Example (these numbers are made up)
Wii at number 1 selling 100 (a made up number)
PS3 at 2 selling 80
XBOX360 Elite at 22 selling 50
Xbox Premium at 30 selling 45

In this fictious scenario the placements are the same on Amazon but the total sales go Wii>360>PS3 (which happens to be what most charts wind up being anyways).

Now you see the problem. So please, to all the fanboys who go screaming about the placement of items on Amazon, do yourself a favor and be quiet before you prove how weak your logical skills are.

Nemesis3949d ago

My $50 a year helps keep your kind away from our great network. Worth every penny.

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dale13950d ago

wi number one uk ps3 number 5 xbox 360 number 47

SimmoUK3950d ago

360 has dropped down the chart lately it wasn't even on the first page yesterday it was at I think number 27 with Elite 28 but some think its because of the rumoured price drop...

tehcellownu3950d ago

I checked yesterday too the 360 wasnt even on the first page..but the PS3 was 3rd and today it climbed to the 2nd spot..

razer3950d ago has been chosen to some how represent the industry when it comes to console sales/popularity.

Nobody I know buys their game consoles from Amazon.

Oh well, whatever floats your boats..

tehcellownu3950d ago

It did get sold out in Target circuit city and Comp USA..I expect high number of sales fo the PS3 this month..

ReBurn3949d ago

Considering I bought my PS3 from Nice to meet you.

nasim3950d ago

on the 11th AMAZON sold over 1200 ps3s.

AMAZON usually sells 200--300 ps3 per day.

at max the figure sometimes shoot over 1000.

ps3 is doing fabulous at AMAZON and at stores nationwide

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The story is too old to be commented.