PSP Fanboy review: Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Games in the Tales franchise are about a dime a dozen anymore, but did you know back in the day they sold incredibly poorly and were incredibly niche? PSP Fanboy knows that, because since the very first Tales title hit US shores, PSP Fanboy was hooked and looked forward to every sequel, until they started to seemingly grow on trees. The latest title to make its way to our PSP is Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and PSP Fanboy's got quite a few things to say about this game: how does it stack up against the other titles, what does it bring new to the table, and most importantly, does it suck? This review hopes to cover all these bases and more.

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Daishi3918d ago

I freaking love this game! I didn't even read the review but I'm sure they pointed out that the one weak point is endless fetch quests. Really they're not so bad because you can horde up items along the way and just hand them over later to instantly complete quests for some quick gald. You don't even have to complete them if you don't want to.