Etch-A-Sketch Coming to XBLA

The odd news is true, India's "largest game services provider" Gameshastra, has signed on to develop an Etch A Sketch game. At the least, this will not be a full game but an XBLA title, still, the mind ponders what the hell were they thinking, what will be the goals in the game, what are the options, multiplayer, achievements?

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sticky doja3792d ago

The one where you have to draw the food to stuff the bunny. They could have you try to draw certain objects in certain timeframes.

NTSC-J3792d ago

Am I the only person in the world who is fascinated by these master Etch -A-Sketch artists? Simply amazing! To paint Bob Ross is great but to paint his happy little trees also is unbelievable.

This is a strange XBLA addition. Interested to see how it plays out.

Mr Murda3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I love to see this kind of stuff make it's way on to XBLA and PSN. I think that the arcade on consoles has really given new life to independent developers. Often times you find that these independent developers are far more creative and talented than the major ones, but they just don't have the funds to make the big games.


Syko3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Careful with the triple exclamation marks. TnS aka "The Nitpick Police" will report you and never approve your story even after it's fixed. It's his little game so that he doesn't approve one of Mk_Red's story on accident. That way when you update the story he can see who posted it.

Anyway, I agree with you by the way and don't have to much more to add. I hope we see more of this on XBLA. As long as this one isn't a total turd.

Lyberator3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Yeah I've noticed that. I accidentally left a period in my title once and fixed it about 20 seconds after he reported it. No approval from Tns. lol.

Oh and the just what I've always wanted! Achievements should be interesting.

M1am1U3791d ago

I have a feeling this game could be curiously fun. I agree with you Lyberator, acheivements will be interesting.