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XXLGaming writes, "Microsoft and Ruffian finally bring the highly anticipated sequel to Xbox 360 gamers. We have been playing this for the past week, and now its time to reveal our thoughts on the title. Check out the review to see what our Agent had to say on the title.

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xYLeinen3089d ago

2nd that.. What the heck...

UNCyrus3089d ago


If anyone can explain to me how the OVERALL is a 93 when there is only one of the four criterium that is over that number, please feel free to enlighten me. Granted those numbers are already inflated as it, but at least perform a correct average of your own numbers!

Aphe3089d ago

Reviewing a game is not an exercise in maths. There might be sub-scores for graphics or sound or whatever, but that doesn't mean it has to have a mathmatical average of those sub-scores. It's generally a score for the overall game as it all comes together.

For example a game could be totally shit in graphics and sound but there might be something about it that is just very addictive, it plays well and makes you want to play it more. To base the game on the graphics and sound would be unfair because it played well and you enjoyed playing it.

Reviewing is not an exact science, it is just an opinion on what you experienced.

capjacksparrow3085d ago

Seriously, just add the four numbers together (not including overall score), and then divide by four. You get an 89, but sometimes you need to sprinkle a little mental retardation for an extra 4 points, and you have 93! See how simple it is?

ASSASSYN 36o3089d ago

Wow... two ps3 gamers can't grasp their head around this score. How surprising.

Cold 20003089d ago

They're probably the same guys who threw a fit when WKC didnt get 10/10.

rwallace3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

That's the overall score I was given by my writer. Just passing it along. Now I will say, he is a Crackdown fanatic hence having him write the review to begin with. I played the game and enjoyed it a lot and had I reviewed it, would have been mid to high 80's.

TheBlackSmoke3089d ago

If he really enjoyed it, fair enough, but having a crackdown fanboy review crackdown sort of throws off the rating system for everything else you review on the site.

rwallace3089d ago

Yeah, I am contemplating his score ALOT! Its also the fact that its my 19 year old son that wrote it so I didnt change anything when I published it since I was in the midle of other stuff. But you bring up a great point. Thanks.

Aphe3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

If you have faith in him as a writer you shouldn't even be defending the score. You should just let it be and let the flack be thrown. There's too much defending of scores to appease the fanboys that attack them.

You sound like you're embarressed about the review. I imagine that won't make him feel very good when you seem to be palming his review off as something you 'let slip through the net' when you were busy with other things.

Either stand by your reviews, regardless of who it was reviewing, or don't publish them.

brazilianbumpincher3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

fanatic or not does professional journalism not come into play?

i played the demo and from my hands on this is nowhere near a 93,id say 7 at best, same city,rubbish textures,terrible graphics, nonexistent story,crap aiming the demo gave me a headache

i waited 3 years for a true sequel and this game isnt even crackdown 1.5 infact i enjoyed the original better

rwallace3089d ago

Ooops, guess my last comment since limited to

Anyhow, its his second review as he is trying to break into the industry and using XXL as a springboard. Is his score high...yes...but also do I change it on him and have him then think this is the norm in the industry? Sure I probably should have edited it to a more realistic score but I also want him to have confidence in his reviews and scores. He'll learn.

Big title, and I'll get big flack for the score as a whole. Thats ok and expected. In the end he will learn something out of this. Don't be afraid to score something the way you feel. You are going to get flack regardless. meanwhile, i'll just put up the shields to fend off the incoming artillery..LOL!

I will pass along the comments to him and have him read these over (of course telling him to ignore

brazilianbumpincher3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

let him review games he wont have a tendency to be bias towards,this game is disappointing and should be priced as a budget title.

but anyway rwallace keep up the good work +1 bubbles

TheBlackSmoke3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Its cool man, That's kind of the downfall of having multiple reviewers for the same site, but if you trust his opinion then leave the score as it is.

rwallace3089d ago

Thanks, and honestly I am will show him all of the comments here. It will be a great learning experience. He will also learn how many people actually look at his writing. I don't know if he realizes that quite yet. Do I want to scare him? Yes and no. I do want him to realize that he needs to write on his gut and feelings, but also have to think about the overall picture and not his likes or dislikes only. Examples, comparisons, prior titles, etc.. They all come into play.

In time I think he will be fine and will really invest his heart and soul into the job. For now, I'll just take the flack. Do I hinge XXL's reputation somewhat? Yeah, and if it start taking a hit then I'll just have to work hard to recover and hope he learns. QUICKLY.

Again though, thanks guys for all the input and as I said, I do agree that the score is high because I wouldn't have gone that way. Again, lets hope he learns.

Boody-Bandit3089d ago

You sound like a really cool guy and I wish you and your son all the luck in the world with your site. I don't agree with the review score either but so freaking what? It's not my site, it's yours. If your son enjoyed the game and he thinks that's what it deserves then let it ride. Passion in gaming is needed more than trying to appease the consumer.

Crackdown is a bad ass fun game. It's addicting as hell. My only gripe is the game feels more like DLC than a sequel considering the distance between the original and part 2. This game should have made significant improvements in every way and all that it appears they did was add freaks and multiplayer. I still enjoy the game but it's only because I enjoyed the original so much and missed playing it. I think it's a solid 8 and that is only because of it's fun factor.

^The only reason I would rate it that high (8) is because I enjoy the game play so much. If I was playing the game for the first time and comparing it to other sandbox games? I would maybe give it between a 7 to 7.5.

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sid4gamerfreak3089d ago

Review #103 of crackdown 2 on n4g

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J-Smith3089d ago

that picture looks like halo. . .1

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