The future according to Sony - "PS3 is No. 1 selling games console in New Zealand every week "

Warwick Light, Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand's head of marketing, calls the PlayStation 3 an "incredible transformer".


"We (Sony) can transform the PS3 capabilities so as to meet people's changing entertainment needs," he says.

According to Australian independent research group GfK, in New Zealand the PlayStation 3 has sold 9019 consoles since its launch here in March, a figure Light is "stoked" about, considering it missed the crucial 2006 Christmas period.

"It was a challenge to launch after Christmas with a price over $1000, but the New Zealand adoption rate of PlayStation 3 proves that consumers have responded positively to its ability to evolve online, which ensures that it always remains the centre of their home entertainment," says Light, adding that sales were on track for Sony's targeted figures.

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Daz3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

This articles are so crap so many around lately including ms and nintendo ony income and losses articles. I dont really care about sales as long as they keep mackinggood games which they are.

bootsielon3977d ago

I'm getting tired of people saying "is this news for gamers? cuz this isn't about games, it's about sales/formats/executives/whate ver".

Why comment on articles you have no interest on, that's what I wonder. Furthermore, it's "News 4 Gamers", not "News about games". Gamers have plenty of common interests, not just games.

TriggerHappy3978d ago

The interesting part about this article is the possibility of the PS3 getting a digital turner next year, if that is true, this should be very good news

Daz3978d ago

Yeah that could be good.

supnub53978d ago

but seriously it is said by sony, come on, ms says 360 will be numba uno, so does nintendo.

WIIIS13978d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's a new one I think. PS3 has gone beyond being a "future-proofed super conputer" to become a transformer! Decepticon or Autobot I wonder? Roll out Sony executives, and roll over and play dead too!

Bathyj3978d ago

I cant wait until your 360 gets back from repair so you'll have something to do beside read PS3 stories.

How long did they say it would be this time again?

WIIIS13978d ago

Bathyj you should be used to waiting by now, no? I hear that's all you people do when you're not watching blu-ray movies on your PS3. Has the movie Transformers been released on blu-ray yet by the way? If it has, give us a quick review please and let us know if there's a PS3 robot in it.

macalatus3978d ago


He's Bull$h!t the Third, or BS3 for short, so hopefully that would explain everything.

kevin11223978d ago

haha Bs just admit, he got you good.

TriggerHappy3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Oh God no, not another one of his kind(BS3). We have too many on this side already.

D_U_I3978d ago

While i'm waiting, your breaking down in tears... hmmm works both ways.


WIIIS13978d ago

Wow are you guys Sony Protection Group or what? That siege mentality you're exhibiting is something fierce... do you all do parades or protest marches led by Bathyj maybe?

I guess I must be the only straight-minded guy on this thread who's commenting on the article and rightly thinks PS3 being a super computer transformer is plain ridiculous.

sjappie3978d ago

360 robot in Transformers, I watched it yesterday and it was awesome, too bad I couldn't watch it in hd, that would have been spectacular, but it was a bootleg.

boodybandit3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

It's funny how 360 fans are always making cracks about waiting. I have had more than my share of waiting while having repairs done on my 360's. That "waiting" was enough to make you wonder why you just don't give up on the machine altogether. I'd rather wait on good titles than on crappy refurbs when I shelled out hard earned cash for something brand new that isn't suppose to fail in a matter of weeks or months.

Bathyj3978d ago

Yeah I saw that X360 in Transformers. The guy just left the store with it and it blew up didn't it? Art imitating life. (My apoligies to any real gamers who like Xbox, my remarks were not intended to anger you.)

If he's Bullsh*t the 3rd does that mean his fathers name is Bullsh*t Jr.?

Yeah I dont see why they go on about waiting. Every real gamer knows what its like to have to wait. I mean, everytime they get upset they mention Halo, Mass Effect and Bioshock so obviously they're waiting for them. The first MGS took about 4 years to make and we had to wait. I've been a patient man since then. Its part of the game. Plus its not like they've been a plethora of good games on Xbox either. Its actually been a pretty slow year for all the consoles as far as great games go but luckily the 2nd half of the year looks alot better for all platforms. I've got about 10 game preordered right now. It was hard going into EB games, spending $100 and walking out with no game but the rest of the years gonna be awesome. See, all good things to those who wait.

kevin3977d ago

i thought for months that i have told you poor child that the ps3 has a supercomputer, that cant be what your laughing at

macalatus3977d ago

@Bull$h!t the Third,
"Wow are you guys Sony Protection Group or what? That siege mentality you're exhibiting is something fierce... do you all do parades or protest marches led by Bathyj maybe?"

No. For every idiotic comments that you post, you're just asking to be gang-posted.

Yup, his dad is Bull$h!t Jr., or Bull$h!t the Second. I think we all know what his grandfather is.

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Close_Second3978d ago

PS3 sales have stagnated in NZ thanks to its obscenely high price tag of $1,200. If you were to import one from the US it would only cost $680 (approx) after you apply the exchange rate.

There are not many who can afford the PS3 and there are even fewer who can justify getting one given the lack of good games. Yes the PS3 has potential, but its had that ever since it was announced several years ago.

Characters like Mr Light are nothing but bottom dwellers who thrive on hearing themselves talk. If this guy could smell the words he is speaking I can tell you it would probably smell like the wind that passes between his buttocks.

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