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1UP writes: "To my knowledge, there's only one game in the world that lets you team up online with three friends playing as super-powered SWAT agents, make a rendezvous by leaping over skyscrapers, pile everyone into (and onto) one car, tear down the street at 100 mph (rendering a road-clogging zombie horde into a messy green spray), then crash that car into a terrorist hideout in an explosion that rips through most of the bad guys inside. That game is Crackdown 2, and for that reason Crackdown 2 is ridiculously fun."

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xYLeinen3087d ago

A friend got his hands on this game already.

Exact quote:" It's basically the same game as crackdown with a different cover"

nikkisixx23087d ago

Yeah that's what the demo looked like.

Rainstorm813087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It is and the sad part only on 360 will a game be nearly identical and is loved all over.

Reviewers must rate games compared to whats on the console they are rating i dont get it sometimes.

Thats why i review my own games, instead of listening to so called pros.

Hey soda i loved the first as well doesnt mean i want the exact same game, people complain about COD & Madden, yet when crackdown 2 takes longer to produce incremental improvements, everyone should except it?

but to each its own. Stop slinging around fun because alot of you guys bash games that are fun.

Cold you dont own a ps3 i doubt you had a ps2, even less likely beat and completed GOW 1 2 or 3. If you did you wouldnt be saying GOW3 is in the same league let alone the same sport as CD2

DelbertGrady3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Or perhaps it's really really fun to play, kinda like the first one.

I review my own games as well and since I loved the first one I'm getting this one as well. More of the same isn't always a bad thing.

@zorglub - What PS3 exclusives are coming out this month? At least we don't spend out time drooling over PS2 re-makes.

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Cold 20003087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Dude GOW 3 is EXACTLY the same thing as GOW and GOW2 that are LAST GEN games I bet that was just fine with you. All they did was a new paint job and you ran to the store and forked out 60$ to see the credits roll in only 10 hours later.

Moreover you review your own games ? Well same thing for everyone who plays a game and makes his own opinion about it.

You say you make your own review ? You havent even played Crackdown 2 yet and you already have an opinion about it ?!


edit: dude PS2 was all I had last gen for a long time, my favorite games ever are FF and MGS that doesnt mean I have to be some kind of slave to Sony. YOY are the one who has never played GOW1 or GOW2 if you're telling me right now that they arent the same thing.

TheBlackSmoke3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

@ soda i would agree with you if reviewers weren't so inconsistent with what is defined as same shit different game and more of the game you loved before.

Mario galaxy 2 = Oh emm gee teh best evvar!!

god of war 3 = It does everything right and is flawless buh buh buh more of teh same so lets deduct points.

klado3087d ago

Cold, stop supporting cheap ass sequel like these, im a xbox supporter but THIS is not a sequel, this is like a halo odts being odts better, i can tell cus of the 3GB size...and you saying god of war 3 the same to gow of war 2...?

Gow of war 3 more than 40GB, god of war 2 4GB, what did you say?

That only show how low can go xbox fanboy to grab whatever xbox brings even if it is this cheap sequel of a great first game.

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ActionBastard3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

GoW3 really shouldn't be brought up in a Crackdown 2 discussion. Besides the obvious genre differences, it's kinda insulting to Stig and the entire Santa Monica team.

Rainstorm813087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

you're such a blind fanboy explaining anything to you is futile. I own both PS3 and 360 (rainstorm81 on both) It doesnt mean be a slave to every exclusive game that is released.

Mass Effect 2 and GOW 3 was great.

Crackdown 2 and MAG are OK at best.

Go play Crackdown 1.5 and have fun, and no i dont have crackdown 2 i could but i dont get excited over mediocre sequals.

gaffyh3087d ago

@Cold - GOW3 isn't exactly the same, they changed a LOT of gameplay elements, and added dynamic environments actually. Just the controls are the same. Dunno about Crackdown 2, but I didn't like the first one, but if I did, and it was very similar to Crackdown 1 then I would be happy personally.

PLAYstar3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Exactly my thought.. Which mindless fool would even dare to compare the almighty GOW3 to a lowly crafted piece of scrappy game such as crackdown2? In fact, I knew this game(crackdown) for the first time, while I was disposing my rubbish when I noticed it was under a pile of dump. Anyway, who cares about the rating? The Xbots are ignorance! They don't give sh!t. They buy sh!t. Which is why they brought an Xbox in the first place. Now they going out to get this garbage as well, and come back boasting about the sales = quality. What they wouldn't know is that I will be laughing just how pathetic they're while reading that statement.. *Smirk

pain777pas3087d ago

@ Cold GOW series is one of the few that got better with every on that was put out and that is saying a lot. I'm serious you put GOW1 to someone who has not played the game with GOW3 graphics and I bet you they will think it was one of the best games this generation. The games are seriously good and underappreciated if you can say something against a realized vision on so called inferior hardware of its time. Reach will deliver so don't worry 360 is fine.

HolyOrangeCows3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

@Cold "Dude GOW 3 is EXACTLY the same thing as GOW and GOW2"

Did the combat become more dynamic in Crackdown 2? Did the scale get larger? Did it advance the graphics beyond arguably any console game out?

No? That's too bad, because GOW3 did all of those things and more.

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xYLeinen3087d ago

None said the game was bad.

But where is the real retail value if it's basically is the same game with very few changes?

s8anicslayer3087d ago

It is the same exact game as the first, I guess the sandbox genere is a little overcrowded and Infamous has set a new standard for sandbox games.

Spenok3087d ago

Thats disheartening. I was hopeing the good reviews were a hit at something new. Dont get me wrong, ill probably still buy the game and enjoy it, but "more of the same" isnt exactly what i was looking for.

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lugia 40003087d ago

All the reviewers probably discounted that 9/10 (1) for the sound and graphics. The game is fun.

danielle0073087d ago

I dunno. I want to kind of pick this up now.

They said it's ridiculously fun, what more can I ask of a game? Sure, they could have made real improvements instead of just changes, and not relied so much on its predecessor..

But, if I like it's predecessor, and they made the game more ridic. fun with 4 player co-op, so you can just dick around / kill zombies / kill gangs & gangstas.. I don't really see anything wrong with that formula..

The only thing making me pause is the $60 price point. I'll be patient on this one, I think. But, eventually, I'll buy it. <3

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