RUMOR Hulu: PlayStation Plus Not Required for Hulu Plus

Since the announcement of Hulu’s aptly named paid service, Hulu Plus, and it’s impending support for the PlayStation 3, there’s been a lot of confusion and negativity surrounding just what exactly it means for the millions of registered PSN account holders who are eagerly anticipating it’s public release but have yet to decide on whether or not they should upgrade to Sony’s latest offering, PlayStation Plus.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2908d ago

Theres going to be 1 huge firmware update this year for PS3. I wonder when its going to come.

Probably just before Move releases.

gameforall2907d ago

incorporated in the last update

2908d ago
Godmars2902908d ago

For one thing PS+ is gaming, seems to be anyway, game-specific. For another its just gong to be the service, where MS will at least add on some party function to justify excluding it from Silver accounts.

yewles12908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Edit: NM...

Tony-A2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I would hope not! A subscription to Hulu is enough! Why tie that one down to Plus when Netflix is free for everyone?

Claudinho692908d ago

why would sum1 make make somethihng up like this? "that you need psn+" smh..

gynecologistcobra2907d ago

It wasn't made up- the rumor was started because "May Require Playstation Plus Subscription" was found in the source code for the Hulu Plus page.

But that's all it is right now- just a rumor.

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The story is too old to be commented.