SEGA Rally Gameplay Footage

The first in a trio of captured footage excerpts from SEGA's upcoming filthy racer. Look at Eurogamer's cameraman James go.

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xaphanze3886d ago

Didn't really impress me.Just seems like an arcade game you would enjoy for a moment and the graphics dont impress at all.

Dlacy13g3886d ago

I am speechless... that...that just looked HORRID! Gameplay, sound & graphics...a clean sweep for worst looking driving game for next gen I have seen to date.

I am really disappointed....I can only hope that this is somehow a hoax and the real Sega Rally will emerge later on. :)

Kyur4ThePain3886d ago

If you're looking for a sim, nah forget it.
It's arcade style racing, so I guess the graphics aren't all THAT important.
Having said that, this is not my cup of tea.

80's style synth-pop FTW!

r10003886d ago

Damn Sega what happened to you???

What is up with the perspective, when the driver bangs into other cars, it's like he's at eye level with the other cars wheels?

I'm not into racers anyway and even I know that was craptastic

Komrad3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

that blew. looks totally boring, and far too arcade-like for me. I kept thinking, poor villagers, being overun by these maniac sega rally people with no respect for their once lovely

* TIP to Developers: Invisible Walls = Not Awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.