GameZone: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii Review

"While the man himself has been a firestorm of controversy this year considering his personal issues and less-than-stellar performance on the golf course, you cannot deny that Tiger Woods is one of the most well-known and dominant people in the history of the sport. Additionally, EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise has also been recognizable for gamers, due its constant presence in gaming for many years now; second only to Madden NFL in terms of sales success in the US."

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mistermostyn3031d ago

Personally, I've never been tempted by golf games. Not likely to start now.

I think that, of all the sports categories, golf feels like the one everyone can have fun with because it's fairly simple, but it's always been the one I least connect with... I think due to its simplicity and lack of atmosphere.

Whereas, I hate the likes of basketball, boxing and American football as actual sports, but love playing them as videogames because they're so rewarding.

But that's just me.

rezznik3031d ago

Can't wait to try a golf game using the PlayStation move...seems like a very good peripheral.