Red Dead Redemption DLC Disappoints

GameZone's Raychul Moore writes,

"If I would have had to pay for this DLC pack, I would demand a refund. The missions are frustrating, unoriginal and, for the most part, the co-op experience is poorly designed. So make sure you posse up with seasoned Red Dead players and light some soothing candles before jumping into this mess of a co-op pack."

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2963d ago

Am i the only one that didnt really enjoy the online multiplayer in RDR?

It was okay for a week or so, but then

I got bored pretty quickly and went back to KZ2 and other games.

sixaxis2963d ago

yeah same happened to me, i qickly lvled up to 50 within first 5 days (after the release) and got bored of it, although this world created, free roam has alot of potential, devs still have to convince me to come back to play it again.

ASSASSYN 36o2963d ago

It is severely boring after a while. Too repetitive.

pustulio2963d ago

Is not boring when you play it with FRIENDS.

But alone yeah it's pretty boring.

evrfighter2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

the free roam needs more players. Hideouts being owned by real player posse's.

64 players would be perfect. perhaps on dedicated servers. Each server a mini mmo. Hideout's owned by posse's. Posse's challenging hideout's and the battle for hideout's going down once a day. at different times depending on the hideout.

For player's without hideout's. they can side with the law and take bounty missions out on a designated player. All this of course without the stupid dots on the map until you literally are looking at the guy with the bounty on his head. Even then no one but you would be able to see the dot and that's where voice comms would work. auto-targeting needs to go and the no damage during rolls don't help much either.

bloop2963d ago

RDR multi is too laggy. I just got sick of putting 6 bullets into the back of someones head just for them to turn around and one shot me. Incredibly frustrating!!

bjornbear2963d ago

but i also got off the mood, played too much in a row =/, but its not bad, just kind of cheap =( still VERY fun imo

i love RDR, just played too much and it got saturated, have to go back to it though! love the experience =)

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xYLeinen2963d ago

Yea same here. The multilayer became pretty boring for me in a very short time. I did enjoy the mission pack DLC a lot tho.

the_union_of_PS3602963d ago


i liked it ....

krisq2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I can't belive people are complaining...

facelike2963d ago

"Wah Wah Waaaah!!!!!

It's free and I don't like it, Wah!!"

People need to grow up. It was free, so shut up and don't complain.
I had fun with it all weekend.

ElementX2963d ago

I still haven't played multiplayer. I have so many games on my plate that I've been focusing on single player experiences for now.

otacon682963d ago

I enjoyed those coop missions much more than usual dm, tdm, ctf in multiplayer. Riding stagecoach in coop have been really funny. It was also free. Author of this article is looser.

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The story is too old to be commented.