G4TV: Crackdown 2 Review

Crackdown 2 is a great game, but not one without some glaring flaws. It would have been nice to see more from it -- more polish, more work on the design, and a lot more work on the controls. You can’t help wondering what Ruffian did with all the development time they had, because it feels like they just threw a few twists into the game you saw three years ago.

What ultimately saves it, though, is what saved it the first time -- it’s fun to be an awesome supercop, and it’s even more fun to be awesome with friends. Despite the quirks that rob it of the heights of true greatness, Crackdown 2 is a good time, and it's still very much worth the price of admission.

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NeptuneMerc3084d ago

Sad to see the good reviews not getting attention but when the likes of Destructoid throws out a ridiculous 4/10 the loyalists start raping it to no end.

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Mizz_mai3083d ago

i agree but honestly i reckon the game leans more in the 4/5 region the graphics aren't the only problem,the melee combats still ridiculously flawed,A.i's terrble and the less said about that annuncer the better....but gotta love those orbs right....??

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giovonni3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I played the game twice last night, I agree its a game that deserves better then a 4/10. Its a good game, I like the additions that were added to the game with the commentation, which is funny as hell. I like how you can target different body parts,
and you can really tour the city. What I dislike though, the controls still feel cumbersome, the graphics are a step down from the original, as specailly the buildings. I hope in this new one you get better placed missions and you can go about it anyway you want.

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Colonel-Killzone3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Wow Some of you are Sony fanboys to the heart. I remember When White Knight Chronicles received bad scores half of you came out to the battlefield with the shields to take a bullet and defend it to death.

Now Crackdown Gets bad scores and you are now here to go and bad talk it very pathetic indeed. Anyway people will have fun with this game regardless of some disappointing scores. I heard this game was pretty fun from most of my friends with a xbox 360. So some of you need to stop with the trolling. And I also played this game myself its very fun.

Raf1k13084d ago


It doesn't really matter if it doesn't get lots of 8s and 9s. If you played the demo and enjoyed it then get the game and ultimately enjoy it.

HelghastKid3084d ago

Thats the thing though, this game isnt even getting bad scores,yet fanboys will always find something to hate on. Whats the point in bagging on this game? If you dont like it, theres no need to comment just ignore it. Ive never played crackdown because:

1) I dont have a xbox 360
2) Doesnt seem like my type of game

Does that mean its time to start wildly bashing it? Nope, just give credit where credit is due.

oh btw Colonel-Killzone WKC is a great game that recieved TERRIBLE scores if i had listened to reviews (IGN) i would have def missed out on what i think is one of the best JRPG this gen

hoops3084d ago

"The difference is WKC never got 4.5 / 10."

No it just scored 64% over all. And Sites like 1up gave it a 42% which is lower than 4.5/10

The reality is by the time its done, this game will score higher than WKC...A game many came to defend when it got crap scores....
The hypocrisy on this site is astounding

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8thnightvolley3084d ago

well spoken colonel...

i see cd2 as a poor fun of a game when is purely means blowing up stuff with a friend .. and doing what i enjoyed doing in crackdown 1.. which was the orb collection .. that was crackdown2 may not innovate or take huge leaps from the predecessor .. but it is a good and fun game.

HelghastKid3084d ago

Thats the thing, all these fanboys think if a game doesnt innovate like make you a sandwich while shooting baddies, its a POS. A game doesnt always have to innovate to be fun. Dynasty Warriors hasnt changed since the 2nd game, yet i find it extremely fun.

ElementX3084d ago

Colonel-Killzone I agree 100% Bubble up!

WNC was the flop in PS3 recent exclusive history, but everyone said "Well, I don't care what reviewers say, I'm going to buy it and judge for myself!"

Now a 360 exclusive gets 7/10 or so and everyone is like "360 suxors! PS3 is the bestest! Haha, 360 websites giving a crappy exclusive a higher score!"

Colonel, I respect you! Peace!

HelghastKid3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

lmao and leave it to two killzone inspired users to have to set all these fanboys straight. Goes to show just because you own one console, it doesnt mean you hate the other ^^

Colonel-Killzone3084d ago

Its called giving Credit where it is due. I was never the type to poke my eyes out and be blind.

I personally played the game and think its fun. Its not my type of game but its really fun and I think it deserves a 8 the lowest.

I don't personally like the xbox but still it has good games like every console. Some has more good games then others but still every console handheld etc produced good games some even great games. But fanboys will be fanboys whether its on PC NINTENDO OR SONY OR MICROSOFT. All the same funny thing is fanboys try to call out other fanboys when they are all one in the same. They don't even realize that.

Yea I found the killzone thing funny also lmao.

Colonel-Killzone3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The trolling on here is ridiculous.

Arnon3084d ago

God... someone who's level-headed. At least I now know there's a few of them on here.

hoops3084d ago

bubbles Colonel.

Most of the haters never even played the game and are bashing it. The scores this game is getting are above 7. Which is good...if you go by scores.

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