E3 2010: Tournament Of Legends Interview ( "Tournament of Legends has gone through quite a metamorphosis during its development cycle. It originally started out as a very mature fighting game which was entitled Gladiator A.D., but things changed and the game is now much less graphical in its violence and it features many mythical enemies.

At E3, we had the chance to speak to Pat Dolan about the game. He's the lead designer at High Voltage Software, so it was definitely interesting to hear his perspective on certain issues, such as Wii MotionPlus, PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect."

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Sanrin3086d ago

Glad they didn't stick with Gladiator A.D...also interesting to think about how many of these titles are going to get cross-platform motion sensing support in the future.

Selyah3086d ago

Wouldn't surprise me too much if we see a lot more games contemplating to go multi platform that were specifically wii exclusive before.