Man surrenders back for Mushroom Kingdom tattoo

When you think about it, it's probably best that Average Joes like Mario and Luigi are the only ones getting sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom. Imagine if this guy, who gave his whole back for a Mario-themed tattoo stepped into the wrong warp pipe and ended up face-to-face with the bros. and the princess. "Oh, you have a picture of my face on-a your back," Mario might say as he instinctively rose his hands to protect a completely freaked out Peach. "That's-a ... nice."

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ElementX3921d ago

This is not gaming news. It belongs on a tattoo site.

nurayi3921d ago


but if this guy was a real gamer then he'd be using the modified N64 Rumble Pack Ink Aplicator. then it would be news worthy lol :/