New Red vs. Blue Video Posted

Yesterday brought news that Red vs. Blue was coming back for a 5 part series on the introduction of Halo 3. Today, the first part of that series is up on for your viewing pleasure.

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Xeoset3732d ago

That was awesome!

Good to hear it's back as a series and I can't wait for the Halo 3 release and this to kickstart.

"Goodbye cables, bye, so long, bye".

Daxx3732d ago


All of their episodes are so clever.

VirusE3732d ago

Yet another reason to be a halo fan.

Rooted_Dust3732d ago

I was never a huge Halo fan, but I love RvB. I have almost every episode on my IPod.

VirusE3732d ago

They make tons of halo references so being a halo fan in my opinion makes it more funny.

DiLeCtioN3732d ago

xbox live is a place wher you can hang out...its pretty cool lol