Kinect's Simple, Purple Box Art

Some Xbox marketing material Kotaku got hold of over the weekend shows what looks like the box art for the Xbox 360's upcoming motion-sensing camera, Kinect.

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thisisxbox3083d ago

Yeah I spotted the images too over the weekend for Xboxic, they had been supplied by Microsoft ProSource who have tons of new images, and marketing materials uploaded for retailers to use.

HolyOrangeCows3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Pureple and green, eh?

Kinect is a flawed concept,
from our imagination,
And when it falls,
We'll hear the call,
to bash our fanboy brains in.

Kinect's users are rich casuals,
but the not the hardcore or Wii gamers,
At that price Kinectimals better be,
a simulation for training Tiger Tamers.

Kinect shows us lots of things,
like to appreciate button input,
X, Triangle, Z, and A, B, R3,
And lagless response output.

Oh, that was fun.

Immortal Kaim3082d ago

Please get a life, you're pathetic.

HolyOrangeCows3082d ago

Flattery will get you far.

I can't believe I funked up spelling "purple"

HurstDarkStar3083d ago

i cant shake the feeling people are going to buy into kinect. And for some reason I dont like this feeling,it feels like..........wrong

Natsu X FairyTail3083d ago

attractive colors. Kids gon be all over this. as for me ....

karan86243083d ago

Very eyecatching, but unless it is an informed consumer I see no incentive for the masses to look at and say "I want to buy this, and not the wii over there"

Thats the big barrier Move and Kinect have to break through

Software_Lover3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

My 68 year old grandmother doesn't play anything with the exception op pop it and solitaire. She saw the Kinect on the late show rounds the other week. She called me up the next morning and asked me about it.

Point..............she wants one. controllers.

There marketing is working somewhere. She hates video games. This is the same grandmother who purchased my NES, Genesis, N64, and ps one. All the while reminding me how much of a time waste these things were, LOL. She lives in Daytona Beach and Im here in Georgia now. And we had a laugh when she called me asking about it.

So I will be buying a 360s/kinect bundle for my grandmother this holiday. She just wants to do the exercise games. Again, she was sold on no controllers. The voice recognition was a plus also.

And my grandmother is into technology. She gets around. We were just on vacation down in Disney at the end of June. She has HD tv's all through her home. She just liked Kinect for some reason.

BakedGoods3083d ago

Great, I've always wanted to game with grandma's online. Thank god MS is looking after us hardcores.

asyouburn3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

she cant sit down while she plays it. she'll drop it real quick
@software lover she's your grandma! im only 29 and my back hurts from standing sometimes. kinect isnt gonna make it any easier for her to do situps

Software_Lover3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

........Never once did I mention anything about her going online, so your attempt at sarcasm is a failed one.

And hardcore gamers are "looked after" by the software that accompanies these machines that people worship for some odd reason. If there is no software that you deem worthy for your hardcoreness (lol) on kinect then dont purchase it. If your hardcoreness is satisfied with Halo Reach and a regular controller then get that. Thats what Im gonna do. I wont buy Move, I already have a wii, But Kinect entices me Just a little bit with the voice commands used in some of the software on the 360. Not enough to purchase it right away but I am looking at those aspects.

Will my "hardcore" card be taken away if I use Kinect for things other than gaming?


Why would she drop it..............WHEN THATS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO...........EXERCISE!!!!!!!!! !!! If you sit down and exercise then you have issues.

Keltik823083d ago

Why doesn't she just go for a walk? Maybe do some gardening for like 30mins or so? Why does she need to play Kinetic? I have a feeling you're B.Sing everyone here.

Software_Lover3082d ago

Glad I came back to this page.

You actually think I have time to (or am that retarded, or loyal to a freakin brand like a slave) to type all of that if it were bull$h!t?

She walks already with my grandfather. I'll take a pic of her garden and post it on photobucket for you.

She liked the exercise game they were showing and the fact that she didn't have to use a controller. Whats so freakin hard to believe about that?

You guys are hilarious. If it would make you feel better I'll give you her #............on second thought no I wont. I cant make you believe me, I was thrown back when she called asking me about it, but its not my job to make someone on a gaming forum believe me.

Keltik823082d ago

"You actually think I have time to (or am that retarded, or loyal to a freakin brand like a slave) to type all of that if it were bull$h!t?"

You came back to this page didn't you? You kinda just made yourself sound stupid, lol.

IdleLeeSiuLung3082d ago

I can see that, I tried Kinect with the racing game for like what 90 seconds and I started to sweat. Yeah, try that gardening!

The other thing that is nice with Kinect is it can detect your posture and correct them. Normally that would require a personal trainer or some sort of class, now you can do it at home.

... but I guess most hardcore gamers are a sedentary bunch sadly.

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xYLeinen3083d ago

So we are buying Kinect for the box art now? >_>

gynecologistcobra3083d ago

No one has said that they are buying Kinect for the box art.

No one.

Instant_Classic3083d ago

No don't be silly, people will get Kinect because Billy Willy Gates' company says it is the future -_-

karl3083d ago

not we gamers, but everyone else is..

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