Media Create software sales (6/21 – 6/27) – Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the latest best-selling games from Japan. Exact data for Monster Hunter Frontier Online as well as other titles in the top 10 have been revealed.

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jazzking20013088d ago

man i sure do wish i lived in japan

Valay3088d ago

In a way, I do too. I can't begin to mention the amount of titles that have only stayed in Japan...

Nitrowolf23088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Monster Hunter always sells big in Japan

ThanatosDMC3088d ago

MS wants those two million PSP MH players.

SeanRL3088d ago

I want MH on the ps3, wii and xbox 360 have both got it. oh well

Spenok3088d ago

So do i. I can only imagine why Capcom would make this for a system that isnt even relavent in there home country. Oh well i guess. Lets just hope the MH armor you could get in the PS3 version of Lost Planet 2 was any consolation and they announce a PS3 MH asap.

mantisimo3088d ago

would need to be built from the ground up and would be stunning. Come on Capcom! Bubbles for PSfan and Spenok. Hope you are reading this Capcom!

rezzah3088d ago

Ms is gay, if MH ever goes to them exclusivly for life. ill give up on the series. PS is MH home, PS2 2004.

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beardpapa3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

that's the only 360 game on the list. stupid crapcom is as bad as that wada douche.

-Mezzo-3088d ago

Agreed,every Monster Hunter title does well.

kissmeimgreek3088d ago

it was a really smart move by MS to time MH with a sleeker new Xbox.

rezzah3088d ago

Dont you have to pay to play MH Frontier online for the 360 every month? Also dont you have to pay to play online on top of that?

Raider693088d ago

To all you guys wonder the reason MH is not on the PS3 yet,ITS BECAUSE THE MT FRAMEWORK ENGINE THAT POWERS ALL NEW CAPCOM GAMES RUNS LIKE SH%T ON THE PS3!If games like RE5,LOST PLANET 1 and 2 dont even stand stable 30fps on the PS3,and both have a big share of other technical problems especial on the PS3,how the hell do you guys expect MH to run at steady peace using the same engine!?Big monsters a huge open world,i dont think thats going to happen any time soon on the PS3 at least on that engine!my thoughts!

rezzah3088d ago

You could be right, I believe they say that the 360 versions tend to look better. Even so, if youve played Lost Planet 2 lately you would of gotten a taste of Rathalos armor in real HD and not that fake HD on the Wii. The day they make a MH for the ps3 (I hope to god its exclusive, that way they can pay more attention to what theyre doing and not have to remove any features) is the day everyone will love MH.

3088d ago