First Mercenaries 2 PS2 screens, new PC/PS3/X360 screens and an interview

Electronic Arts has released the first PS2 screenshots of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames along with new screenshots for the other platforms. The first five screenshots below are from the PS2 version.

CVG caught up with senior producer at Pandemic, Jonathan Zamkoff, who was happy to field their questions.

CVG: Any plans for PSP?

Zamkoff: We looked at it, we did a mock-up and made a really cool version of it but we just don't have enough developers. We try really hard to stay up all night long, but we had to pick our battles on this one.

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QuackPot3921d ago

and deserves more credit.

Be interesting to see the old gen Ps2 version. But I played Merc1 on the xbox which was the superior console of the time...especially for shooters. Didn't bother with the Ps2 version

will be interesting to see what they've produced.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3921d ago

so the second one should be a MEGA-TON EXPLOSION of AWESOMENESS! :)