Rare Confirm New Additions For Viva Pinata DS

Today Rare, on their official site, have confirmed that the DS version of one of their greatest game in years will be adding a sandbox mode, a selection of Wi-Fi options for the swapping of piñatas, a journal and encyclopaedia to keep track of the piñata zaniness, more piñatas than the original, and stylus control which will allow you to directly control your piñatas.

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the_round_peg3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Rare gets the financial backing from Microsoft and get to play with Microsoft's money, (which most developers can only dream of.) Yet Rare has not delivered even one killer app on Xbox to their new boss Microsoft. Instead, they are making still games for their one and only true old love, their Nintendo -- using the unlimited resources provided to them by Microsoft.

Those guys at Rare must be loving it. Microsoft needs to stop giving money at developers that take Microsoft's money but have their hearts elsewhere.

BIadestarX3858d ago

Microsoft does not have a presense in the handheld arena.... and they would probably shouldnt at this point in time... Releasing Microsoft games on the DS have various benefits...
1) Help pushing the PSP out of the market. Hurting Sony = Happy MS.
2) Build a fanbase and brand recognition.. If people really love the Microsoft games available on the DS.. and they want the console version.. they will have to buy a 360.
3) They create a new revenue stream.. which is not in direct competition with the xbox 360.
4) Create a relationship with Nintendo.... who knows... this may lead to things like... seing Masterchief on a Nintendo game... or even a future console with Nintendo and Microsoft as buddies...

Dlacy13g3858d ago

you beat me to the punch...we are both on the same page. Smart play play.

ngg123453858d ago

Isn't nintendo an as big of a competitor as sony? I am confused with this logic. It would have been better if they didn't make the game period on either system,

Dlacy13g3858d ago

So, by making the game on the DS they can penetrate a segment of gaming (handhelds) that currently they have ZERO penetration in. They can do it because although Nintendo is home console rival...MS is not a rival in the handheld division in the traditional sense.

BIadestarX3858d ago

@ngg12345, Maybe this will help you see the logic....
Sony makes PC that come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows OS. Why? Because it benefit Sony... cause they make money doing so.. and because it's not in direct competition on anything they are doing.
Well.. since Microsoft has no handheld.. any games made for the DS or PSP is just extra cash...

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Dlacy13g3858d ago

As they bank roll off the DS love. MS isn't stupid. They are allowing their in house studio to produce a game for the number one handheld device...hell number one platform in the world!

Look at it this way...MS gets Viva Pinata to take off on the they get fans of the series established on a hand held device which by now if you havent' figured it out...MS aint going into that market. They grow a fan base from the DS....and hope they cross over to the 360 for other games. Its a smart strategy.... I expect to see more MS Studio games will get DS versions if this game has any amount of success.

Look outside the box people...this is how MS can get a handheld presence without having to be a handheld maker.

razer3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

If you can play all these games on other platforms? I would never buy a 360 when I can play the games I like on an existing system I already own. Seems like if I have a PC and DS I'm not missing anything the 360 has to offer..

It sounds like this Viva is going to have more features so why buy a $400 console to play an inferior version of the game. This will make MS some quick cash by exploiting the DS fanbase but it's going to do nothing for it's own platform.

Dlacy13g3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Ok first off games on the DS are decidely different than on a console. Trying to compare playing a game for the DS vs one for the console is like trying to compare beer to wine. Two very different experiences.

I will be the first to say that many games are offered on both PC & 360... That said most console gamers dont want to play games on their PC...hence why they get a console. So sure you may not feel the need to get a 360 over your PC....but this news isn't about you.

This news is about MS expanding their fanbase and getting after the casual gamer market, the family market. This is about getting Nintendo DS players to start enjoying MS products and from there hopefully they can build up a bit of a fanbase that might buy into the 360. And if they don't, and the fans say...I will just buy the PC version of Halo or Viva Pinata instead...well MS is still winning. All they want to do is build a bridge form the Nintendo DS fanbase (which is clearly larger than anything Sony or MS has currently) to MS proprietary products. And with luck...they will not only build software sales in a handheld market which to this point they have completely missed out on ...and also build out some converts in the home based market.

It's a worthy that Sony can't do. MS has a very unique opportunity here. They probably should have been doing this early on. My guess is they have flirted with the idea of a hand held...but realized they are not in a good position for it so they are going the software route.

dork07833858d ago

did u know the 360 marketrplace has ps3 game previews look in the spike tv section in the market place its in the tv shows.I think its GAMEHEAD the show its just a trip to me that i get to see ps3 and nintendo in the 360 market place.

Covenant3858d ago

Perfect for DS. Touch controls, a sandbox mode...I think this will find an audience on the DS that it sadly lacked on the 360. It's a better game than most people think.

Anything but Cute3858d ago

I thought Microsoft owns RARE, so why is rare bringing Viva Pinata to DS? That's why people always talk about Halo coming to DS. Sony should bring games to DS also.

That's how good the DS is, that competitors make games for it. That's too weird.