CarlosX360: Experience with OnLive

CarlosX360 writes: "The best thing about looking around in the onlive service is seeing EVERYTHING happening all at once – as if I’m watching thousands of tournaments at once. I feel like I’m at a bar, or a super bowl celebration, or a world cup celebration, an exciting event where everyone is spectating other teams kick each other’s nuts or something."

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adamx3086d ago

to hell with this crap.
no console, no care!!!!!

FragMnTagM3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

In a few years. In its current state, I would find it annoying with it stuttering and jittering. I wonder if more powerful machines can counteract the stuttering. Will have to give this a shot if it lives up to its promise.

D3adcell3078d ago

Buy digital content you can only access with a blazing internet connection and while paying our monthly service fee. Sounds like a winner to me ;).