Stranglehold on PS3 to be region locked

A moderator on the official Midway forums has confirmed that Stranglehold will not be region free for the PS3. This is understandable for the collector's edition, as it also includes a copy of the film Hardboiled on the disc. There are licensing issues that are far more strict and complicated when it comes to movies, rather than games. Which is why Blu-Ray discs aren't region free either.

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SuperSaiyan44094d ago

Some or many blu-ray movies are region free.

I dont understand who has the authority to say what is and what isnt region free also how comes ALL HD-DVD's are region free??

I think what it REALLY boils down to (no pun intended) is that the game with movie will be a lot cheaper in the US because of the exchange rate and want to make sure that enough of the games are sold in Europe rather than on import from the USA.

Dlacy13g4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

First off.... Sony said all PS3 games would be region free. But regardless of that....

The game and movie are on seperate discs from what I read. So why would it matter? Region lock the movie disc but the game should be un-affected.

EDIT: I stand corrected is all on the same disc. I read it wrong the first time around.

Lumbo4094d ago

"First off.... Sony said all PS3 games would be region free."

Sony never said such a nonsense lol , Sony said SO FAR all the released games do not use the build in region coding of the PS3. And they also said that it is the decision of the publisher to use or not use region coding.

SuperSaiyan44094d ago

I clearly read that the movie would be on the same disc.

Premonition4094d ago

The movie will be on the same disc, HELLO its blu ray, thats why they added this extra content on to it, and im not sure about the region lock thing, but I guess since its on the same disc, they had to do it.

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