CB Games Fall Preview for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii

Here is CB Game's top 15 list of games that you should keep your eyes peeled for, on three consoles. The games are listed in order of importance starting with #15 down to the game that will leave everyone drooling for more.

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PS360WII3921d ago

eh. Mostly agree. Mostly

uuuunvnv23921d ago

Bioshock, UT3, and even though its on there call of duty 4 at number 14??? are you F**k'n serious!!!!! wow this list is like 50% right. some people shouldnt be able to make these lists

djt233921d ago

that list is just worry believe some of Nintendo should be hight and call of duty 4 wtf ..........
this list is about game people should get but i see mario at 12 bull....
people are wait for a Mario games for a while so .........

Robotz Rule3921d ago

This list is crappy as crappy can get!

Where's Bioshock?

COD4 @ #14?


OldSchoolGamer3921d ago

Seems more a list of how the sales will come out. COD4 will do well, but not nearly as well as alot of the games on the list, and UT is known to be a console ho-hum seller. They may hit 1,000,000 sold across the platforms, but gonna take some time. UT is a different 1st person beast then what console gamers are used, definitely stonger on the PC platform.